Monday, 23 September 2013

Tomtit Pattern Released

Ever since the first tomtit block came back from the pattern testers, I have been dying to give it a shot. Unfortunately, I had to be patient as this was another block that had to wait on the arrival of my fabulous black fabric. 

It was worth the wait- another fun block don't you think?!

When I first decided to turn my bird blocks into a quilt, you may remember that I was a bit worried that I wouldn't be able to pull all the disparate blocks together into a cohesive quilt. But I must admit that it is a real joy to see how easily this quilt is pulling itself together. I am finding there are very few fabrics that only turn up in one block. The majority of the fabrics can be found on multiple birds and as such this brings a cohesion to the disparate fabrics.

For example, the fabrics which only the other week were perfect for the penguin have also proved to be great for the tomtit. The wing fabric of the waxeye can be found on the head of the Kea. I am really enjoying finding the right fabrics not only for each bird, but for the quilt as a whole.
Unfortunately these blocks were all photographed at different times in varying lighting so the fabrics are not shown off as well as they could be. I will try and get some new photos with consistent lighting soon...
I must admit that I am still a bit worried about what fabrics to use for the Tui (those of jade and deep dark rich purple are shades that just don't turn up in my stash at the moment) but I guess I'll address that problem when I come to it... 

In the meantime I'm trying to decide which block to try next. I'm thinking maybe the pukeko or the kakariki... we'll see!

Before I forget, here are my pattern testers takes on the tomtit block.

The minute that I suggested that I might possibly design a tomtit block, Amanda put her hand up to test it- how could I ignore enthusiasm like that?! Don't you just love the skinny orange legs on this wee guy?!
Leonie had fun with this wee guy! Isn't he great!

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  1. The tomtit is incredibly sweet. You have captured it so well. xx

  2. Love this little guy! Your and Amanda's blocks are gorgeous! x

  3. looks awesome as always :) I love seeing this quilt come together!

  4. Great work - you are on such a roll! Can't wait to see the finished quilt :O)

  5. Oh Juliet I absolutely LOVE this series you have such incredible talent

  6. Oh so cute!! Love him!!! It's going to be a gorgeous quilt!!

  7. I love the music sheet fabric print you used on your little cutie. Nice!

  8. I love how round the belly and head are!

  9. such a sweet little bird block! and I'm sure you'll be able to find a beautiful purple and jade fabric at know...some fabric that just have to come home with you! ;)


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