Monday, 9 September 2013

Morepork Pattern Release

I warned my testers about the teeny tiny pieces in this pattern but they weren't phased. In fact they both seemed to relish the challenge!

Here is the owl that Anjeanette sewed. Isn't it great!

Lisa did a beautiful job. I love the subtle use of colour don't you?
I have decided to add a "sanity saver" to this and a couple of my other patterns. Basically the eye area is where there are lots of tiny pieces. For those who are intimidated by those tiny pieces, I have included a suggestion as to how to make this simpler.

I don't want people cursing my name as they sew do I?!

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  1. Gorgeous morepork. I have to confess I'm waiting to see that lovely kereru make an appearance!

  2. Great pattern and gorgeous blocks! just stunning :)

  3. I love the Morepork; such sweet little birds

  4. Another awesome pattern... You are unstoppable ! Xxx


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