Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Learning to Knit

The other day when I was at work, a customer laughed about the fact that we have a Learn to Knit workshop.

"I learnt from my Grandmother when I was four!" She announced. "We all did back then you know".

It gave me an idea.

Today I got out the chunkiest ugliest wool that I could find, the thickest knitting needles that I own and called Rascal to my side.

After failing to help her with her crochet ages ago and being told "Nin could EASILY do it Mummy, Nin could easily do it", I felt more confident of my ability to teach her to knit.

I cast on the first row and we knitted the next row together. The following row I let Rascal increasingly take the lead. I was amazed by how well she grasped the mechanics of knitting.

I'll be honest, she lost the stitches off the needle a few times and wanted to stop after the third row, but as she put it down she asked if we could do it again on Thursday. 

I'm really excited to see where her knitting will take her.

When my Mother and big sister taught me to sew, they always took my knitting away from me and fixed it when I dropped stitches or made any kind of mistake. The lack if these skills really hindered my progress with knitting and it took me years to learn them. I am determined that Rascal will learn to fix her own mistakes right from the early days of her knitting.

Incase its not clear, this is going to be a dolls scarf, because we can't have her dolls getting a cold neck can we?!

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  1. This is gorgeous Juliet - well done you! and Rascall! so exciting to see them picking up stuff and learning - you have inspired me to try again with the girls. A is doing quite well on a tapestry but the more skills the better! x

  2. wow! I am super impressed with both you and rascal - very inspiring :o) xx thanks for linking in too

  3. Great idea. My nan taught me those simple skills when I was little - but I have always wished that I'd kept at it and could make more than a scarf. One day!! Good luck to you and Rascal. :)

  4. I too learned at a very early age thanks to my being surrounded by lots of family who knit and were willing to teach me. It's a lovely skill to be able to pass on and well done Rascal on a great start. I will soon be digging out my own needles as Autumn arrives here and I feel the need to add a few jumpers to my boys' wardrobes and I think that I then shall sit down with my eldest son and try to teach him as he is very keen to learn.

  5. This post made me smile
    Guess I'm pulling the knitting needles out for Miss 5

  6. How womderful! I learned at age 5. It was a mandatory class/skill that was taught to all the children at school. Crochet as well :) I don't remember anyone fixing mistakes for me but they came around to see how we were doing and helped us get it right.

  7. That's fabulous!! My mum tried to teach my girls to knit a couple of years ago but they weren't interested. My youngest is now learning to crochet and having more success with that - but I will go back to knitting with them. if only I could remember how to cast on.....

  8. Thats great Juliet....and I know it can take alot of patience too! I know now that they all learn at different ages too, some are ready and some kids aren't...but patience and time is the key....well done :)

  9. Good on you for doing this; nice to be doing something like this together and also cool to be teaching crafting skills she will use in the years ahead. I love it when my big kids raid my sewing room and get busy crafting :-)


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