Friday, 27 September 2013

Knitting for my Boy

You may remember that a while ago I knitted a cardigan for Rascal with wool that I had bought for Scallywag. 
It wasn't a question of it not being a "boy colour" or anything like that, it was just a question of the yarn being a better colour for my daughter's colouring than my son's.
I felt a bit guilty that poor Scallywag was missing out, so the minute that I started knitting, I signed up for the Red Ridinghood Yarn Bonus Masculine Yarn Club. I didn't know what colour of yarn I would get, but I knew it would be beautiful.

When it arrived, I smiled- it was PERFECT! In many ways it is a similar colour to the original yarn that I bought, but the shades that make up the finished colour are far more suitable for my boy's colouring.
This was my second time knitting a Milo and my second time knitting cable. 

I really enjoyed doing the owl cable. It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be and Scallywag is very proud of his wee feathered friends!

It was such a rewarding knit, and it's awesome to see my wee man charging about wearing it. I must admit that the milo really suits him and he gets loads of compliments when he wears it.

The great news is that I have wool left over, so I'm hoping that its enough to knit him a beanie.
Fingers crossed.


  1. I really like the colour! and good job you!

  2. I love the owl cable too!! Its a beautiful knit, that yarn is gorgeous....such a beautiful colour! And a beanie sounds like the perfect way to use the leftovers too! Plus both the milo and the grannys knit compliment each other really well!

  3. What a great little Milo! I can imagine he and you! Would receive many a compliment! Well done you! Those to together look great!


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