Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Tui Pattern Available

I'm very excited to share today's finished pattern with you. 

Do you remember the other week I was unsure about a couple of my patterns? I sent them both off to the pattern testers on your encouragement, but I'll be honest, I still wasn't feeling the love. I was still thinking that maybe I could do them better.

Then last night I received an email from Raewyn, one of my pattern testers.

I always feel a little touch of apprehension before I open an email from a pattern tester:
Have they hated the project?
Was it a nightmare to piece?
Did I make lots of mistakes?
Have they done a good job?

When I saw the photo that Raewyn had attached, I was blown away! 

 The Tui is a pretty difficult bird to translate into fabric. It is black with iridescent shades of green and purple shining through the feathers. I must admit that I'm pretty sure that I don't have any fabric in my stash to do it justice, but Raewyn- she hit the nail on the head!

Two minutes later, I received an email from Leonie.  She had a different take on the Tui, but I love her version just as much! 

It just goes to show that patterns  really do come to life when they are translated into fabric and they can't be properly judged on the computer screen. Please forgive me for doubting myself!

If you would like a copy of the tui pattern, you can find it in my Craftsy Store.

*Sorry if you're getting sick of bird patterns!

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  1. Love these birds. ........gorgeous.

  2. Wow Raewyn's tui is freeking amazing! I had a page of tui pictures beside me when choosing fabrics and it was quite the challenge! Love your series x

  3. How could we possibly be getting sick of your lovely birds? I'm definitely going to have to give paper piecing a go.

  4. Hi Juliet! I'm loving your bird patterns and have bought several, they're simply beautiful!! Well Done!! I was recently reading about the Cassowary of Australia ... and was thinking I'm sure I'll never see your pattern for that beauty since you're focusing on New Zealand birds.
    I do hope you don't stop making patterns of New Zealand birds ... I would love to see more and buy more!
    Thank you so much for your artistic contribution to the quilt and crafting world!!

    Lubna Bazzy - fellow quilter, nature lover of Ohio, US

  5. The Tuis turned out great! Nice work!


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