Thursday, 15 August 2013

Knitting with Scraps

Why should quilters have all the fun using up their scraps?

After finishing knitting Rascal's cardigan and milo, I had a couple of small scraps of gorgeous Red Ridinghood wool left - it seemed a shame to waste them.

I knew that it wasn't enough to do that much with, but I decided to be optimistic and try knitting a dolls cardigan.

I got third of the way, ran out of wool, changed wool managed less than a third and then finally changed my wool one last time to finish.

Shhh don't tell anyone but I started knitting with 8 ply wool, then I changed to 10 ply and I finished up with double thickness 4 ply wool! (Is that a crime in knitting?!)

I was really happy that I still had three of the gorgeous wooden buttons that I used for Rascal's cardigan so dolly will not only have a cardigan made with wool to match Rascal's knitted clothes, but her  cardy will also matching buttons.

The pattern is the poppy cardigan by Georgie Hallam of Tikkiknits.

There is something so satisfying about using every single scrap don't you think!? Especially when you know that the item made will be loved and cherished by a little girl and her dolls.

I'm kind of wishing that I had more wool scraps to use up!

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  1. That's so cute. I love using up wool leftovers. This coming autumn I am going to be making some patterned hats and scarves for my little boys to use up my current lot of leftovers.

  2. So cute! yay for using up all the lovely bits - it really is so satisfying! No doubt Rascal will be wrapped they're matchy-matchy!

  3. that is adorable -and using every scrap? oh so satisfying!

  4. absolutely! so satisfying to use it all up :)) Looks like your just going to buy some more :))

  5. So cute - and a great way to use up wool scraps!

  6. This is really cute - so resourceful. Love it.

  7. LOVE it !! !! I have just finished a beanie using scraps - knitted on the round! So proud of me


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