Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Fantail Fail!

Sometimes I'm a bit dozey!

Like when I finished the fantail pattern and kidded myself that I had sent it to my pattern testers.

After a couple of weeks I began to panic- both testers seemed really keen and I was a bit surprised that neither of them had got back to me. Maybe they were too polite to tell me that my pattern was useless...

Time to piece a fantail myself- 
The pattern works (although I did decide to tweak the pattern a little bit after making it up)

I have to say that yet again I am torn about my fabric choices for this block. 
I love that the cheeky fantail who normally hops and skips around people, is surrounded by lots of cheerful flying birds. 
I love that many of the fabrics have a feather-like quality to them.
I just wish that they were a bit brighter and less subdued/ old fashioned looking.

Then just as I had almost finished piecing the fantail, I received a very polite email from Leonie (one of my pattern testers) asking whether I found someone else to test the fantail?

Ahhhhh- OOOOPS!

A quick check of my emails showed that I hadn't sent the pattern to my other tester either (double oops!)

There will be a slight delay while I get my act together and do what I was supposed to do... Have you done anything equally dozey recently?
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  1. Oh that fantail is so purty! They're more of a 'NZer' emblem to me than a kiwi, I think.

    Um... I was in a rush to make my grey hoodie (too excited) and didn't leave enough ribbing for the wrists. So I put the wrist-part (technical term) together with the sweatshirt fabric, and it's just.not.right. Anyone looking at it wouldn't be able to tell, but the OCD in me want's to buy some more ribbing to make it right! Duh.


  2. oh dear! I do dozey things all the time. So often in fact that it's hard to pinpoint one single thing ;)

  3. so cute!! You are so patient to do this!

  4. Your fantail looks perfect. They are such cute birds with such big personalities - lovely!

  5. hahaha Juliet! I got very excited last night about putting my finished 14 blocks for a top together... only to realised that the nagging in the back of my head was right and I had 2 too many or was 2 short... duh... have now made a plan to remedy as I didn't quite have enough fabric at the right lengths! Am hoping to do your fantail tonight or tomorrow... I have plans for it! x

  6. Another great pattern :-) I am loving the series, NZ has a lovely variety of native birds and hat a great way of sharing with the world.

  7. I love how it's come together, I quite like the fabric choices. I'm not owning up to anything dozey here though :) xxx

  8. Ooops!! lol.....such a cute pattern....my fav!

  9. Hahaha, ah well, that's how things go some times :)


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