Monday, 8 July 2013

Pukeko pukeko!

A long long time ago, when I first started designing patterns I showed you a sneak peek of a block to come. 
I was a bit premature in doing that- the pattern was far from ready- just look at how complicated those feet are (... Ummm no, I wouldn't want to sew them either!!)

I must admit that I got a bit bogged down, decided that the pattern probably wouldn't work and abandoned it. 

Luckily, this is one of the patterns that I went back to when I was on holiday. It is amazing what a little bit of experience designing patterns and a fresh pair of eyes can make!

I was determined to make it work as I have very fond memories of watching these nutty birds capering about on the reserve that we could see out the kitchen window of my old house.

I was able to diagnose the problem and to make the necessary alterations fairly easily.

I had a wee think as to who would be good to test this pattern as it seemed only right that a blogger with a New Zealand connection should test it. 

In a flash of inspiration, I asked my talented friend Leonie.

I had no idea if she had any experience of paper piecing but I knew that all the sewing and quilting that I have seen her produce is immaculate and that she would no doubt be up for a challenge.

Luckily Leonie jumped at the chance and here is the block that she produced... didn't she do well!?!
The Pukeko pattern is now available from my Etsy and Payhip Stores


  1. Gosh you are so clever and patient! Leonine did a great job!

  2. Awww - I am still so flattered and honoured that you asked! You are one super clever lady! xx

  3. Cool! Having someone take a look from another perspective can be really freeing sometimes. It looks really good!!

  4. What an awesome pattern - thank you, I am sure I will enjoy this. And what a surprise to go to Craftsy and see that it was for free - thank you again!

    1. It won't be free forever, so download it while you can :-)

  5. I was expecting a rather different price tag on it when I investigated; needless to say I snaffled it rather quickly for just in case you decided to charge for it cos it's gorgeous! Still can't believe it's free.

  6. So cute! Leonie did a fabulous job. Well done for not giving up. :)

  7. Well done!! You are growing as a designer!!! Thanks for sharing your lovely and creative patterns to us paper piecing lovers!! You are so talented!!


  8. This is fabulous - thank you!

  9. I especially like the feet :)

  10. Ah mer gerd!!! That is the most amazing pattern yet! Leonie did a great job.

  11. So cute! You did a great job simplifying the feet - bird feet are hard!!


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