Wednesday, 31 July 2013

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I must admit that I was a bit daunted by the idea of sewing a quilt with a completely paper pieced quilt top.

Even though its one of my own patterns, I was a bit worried that I'd get bored half way through, or that I'd have a bad paper piecing day and end up ditching the whole thing!

So I'm glad to be able to report that this quilt top is coming together a lot easier than expected!

The pattern is easy to piece, with no awkward angles. Its easy to cut the fabric to size and sew multiple pieces at the same time (must be well designed eh!?! hee hee!)

Thanks to everyone who left an opinion last week about the different layouts for the top. Initially my favourite was the second one- but I showed it to Mr Tartankiwi and he said that it was bland.


He's lucky I love him ;-)

Anyway, I wasn't that impressed by the first layout until the clever Erin from Missy Mac Creations made a simple suggestion which made all the difference- Thanks Erin, you're a genius!

The quilt top is now virtually complete, but I've only got photos of the first row.

This should give you an idea how the quilt top is coming together- looking good eh!?

Grrr this photo wasn't blurry when I uploaded it!

Once the blocks are completely pieced, the top need a border or two. At the moment, I'm thinking a narrow a brightly coloured border surrounded by a wider dark grey border, but in typical Juliet fashion, I'll need to finish the blocks before I make that decision.

Now that the top is almost finished, I am starting to think about quilting. I want to do some FMQ, but I have not quite decided what or how... 

Hmmm time to get my thinking cap on- anyone got any suggestions?

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  1. Aww you are too much! Love, love, loving it! The blues and oranges are so yummy together. Sorry, but I have no clue for the quilting. Am sure you'll come up with the perfect idea. x

  2. how about some round quilting designs to contrast all the sharp angles in the piecing, like a swirl in the gray with maybe some pebbles and other round in texture designs in the printed areas... just a thought :) love how it is looking so far!

  3. Oooh it's going to be amazing! know what you mean re decisions though - am still "sitting" on a few! Looking forward to seeing what you decide all round!

  4. Looking so gorgeous! The colours and layout are just fab!

  5. I think criss cross diamonds would look good. Swirls would look good, too.

  6. The quilt before last I made was made from 94 paper pieced blocks so I feel your pain but I think the beauty of the pattern will keep you going!

  7. I do no FMQ, so I can not help there, but I am sure that a lot of people will have great ideas for you! I think it is coming together so well, it just looks beautiful, and yes the pattern must be designed wonderfully! :)

    I am stopping by from the WIP hop, hop on by if you get the chance :)

  8. Love this pattern. I paper piece quilt tops all the time and have trained my husband to help with the paper removal (the worst bit of the process). I love the precision you get from paper piecing.

  9. I love this pattern, it will be a gorgeous quilt!

  10. I agree, I like the idea of something circle to contrast with the straight lines on the piecing. Something like this?

  11. No suggestions but I do love what you have done with it. And the bland comment made me laugh! Men are so blunt, that's what makes them such a good foil to us ladies, love it!

  12. Bland?? Really??
    Mr Tartan Kiwi you and I will have to agree to disagree

  13. Love it
    Perfect and brilliant use of color


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