Thursday, 25 July 2013

Granny's Favourite

I think that I already told you that after my recent success knitting a Milo for Rascal, Rascal and Scallywag put their heads together and decided that I had to knit a milo for Scallywag too.

I ordered some more Red Ridinghood Yarn, but when it arrived it just shouted "Rascal" at me -
Every. Time. That I. Looked. At. It.
I tried to ignore the voice,
but it got louder and louder anD LOUDER!,
Finally I caved and went in search of a cardigan pattern for Rascal.

I found Granny's favourite- another Tikkiknits pattern. Users on Ravelry had ranked it as being easier than a milo to knit, so I started off full of confidence...

Hmmmm that didn't last long!
The pattern is really well written, but interpreting it was right at the edge of my knitting ability. I made mistake after mistake after mistake. Sometimes I struggled with the fancy stitches, sometimes I read the pattern wrong and sometimes I just made silly mistakes...
Finally on about my tenth attempt, I had a reasonable result so I kept going. I was doing really well and was getting close to finishing the body when I decided to try it on Rascal- OOPS! 

It was too small!!!

I could have cried! Imay have sworn a bit, stamped a bit and been pretty grumpy, but I got on, unravelled the whole thing and started again.

If I'm honest, all the unravelling of mistakes added up to a great result on the final cardigan. My knitting technique definitely got better each time that I knitted it. 

Once I was past the yoke, it was plain sailing and the pattern was easy. I decided on short sleeves and a long body, thinking that it will look great over a party dress when party season hits in the Spring- it was a question of trying to get the most out of my ball out of wool. 

When I increased the size, I went up two sizes, perhaps I could have got away with going up one size, but at least this way I know that it should fit her for a while to come.

Now to make a dress to go with it! I'm keeping an eye out for suitable fabric.

I love the finished result. My only slight comment is that I would have preferred the body to have been a teeny tiny bit longer. I was limited by the amount of yarn that I had.

 Rascal loves it too!
 (She had me worried for a while - her initial reaction when she saw the yarn was "but Mummy, girls don't wear blue!")

Once she saw what was on the needles, she quickly grew to love it and now she is continually thanking me for her lovely new cardigan.

Oh and incase you are feeling sorry for Scallywag, more yarn has been purchased and this time it will DEFINITELY be for him!

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  1. What a cute little cardigan. So nice that she loves it, and is saying thank you. Must of done something wrong with my children, as they are not very good at that.

  2. oh my - you unravelled it all??? I am so in awe of your commitment to doing it right.... really, amazing. it looks super on her too

  3. Sweet cardigan! I might have to add knitting onto my list of things to learn.

  4. It is so heartbreaking when you have to unravel something, but so worth it when it fits at the end! Looks delightful :) xx

  5. Oh the tears I would have cried! but go you well done! Girls wear blue.. especially this one :) no doubt you are both super-proud of it! x

  6. Love that pattern! looks great.

  7. i know that frustration (and i never got past the unravel!). you are a marvel, and it's really lovely x

  8. This is a gorgeous cardigan, wonderful. A great finish!!

  9. Oh Juliet! this is stunning and worth every effort and pain of unravelling and starting again! I love the yoke line too....must add that too my favourites. Plus the shortened sleeves are a bonus as they wont get grubby at the ends like long sleeves can! Well done! and I look forward to seeing more knitty goodness coming off your needles :) x

  10. Really gorgeous. Love the wool and the pattern:)

  11. What a gorgeous cardi. I admire your perseverance Juliet.

  12. Ooo, I remember you talking about this yarn, its as lovely as you described!

  13. It is really gorgeous and I just love you and your talented knitting


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