Thursday, 20 June 2013

Winter Woollies!

I grew up in an Edwardian sandstone terrace house in Edinburgh. The ceilings were high, there was no double glazing and at times it was a pretty cold and draughty. Admittedly there was central heating, but if you complained of being cold, the standard reply was "well go and put a jumper on!"

As a result, there is nothing that says "Winter" to me like a woolly jumper, a hand knitted woolly jumper to be precise. You see my Mum knitted us the most amazing jumpers when we were growing up. 

I have done my bit over the last couple of years - a knitted jumper for Rascal and then a hoodie for Scallywag and the as yet unphotographed jumper for Mr Tartankiwi.

There's something about this time of year that makes me feel obliged to have something on the knitting needles so I have just started on my next knitting project.

Its a Milo.

The yarn is beautiful! I was lucky enough to be online at the time of a Red Riding Hood Yarns Facebook Yarn Stocking, so I grabbed my chance knowing that it was now or never. I don't regret my decision at all (I just hope I've got enough!)

I'm still doing the yoke part and haven't quite decided whether I am going to be brave and try one of the cable designs. If I can find a decent you-tube video to teach me then I might just give it a go.

It would definitely stop me getting bored with this project!

Don't forget to drop by Leonie's on Friday its her turn for a spot of Matariki Crafting!


  1. Cabling is easy, I promise. I remember my first try and being surprised at how simple it is to do and how good it looks for the effort.

  2. I love hand knitting hand crochet or hand anything
    My Grandma and Nana knitted me darling jumpers and cardis

  3. I had this vision of you living in a castle! Looking forward to seeing it all done :)


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