Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Little Red Hottie!

I should have been at work yesterday, selling fabrics, but instead I was at home with a miserable little boy who was full of the cold. I just couldn't send him to preschool, it wouldn't have been fair... on anyone!

So instead, we snuggled on the sofa together and I read story after story after story to him.

Then while he slept, I found myself with some unexpected sewing time. Ah the luxury!
I made a start on a project that I have been wanting to get around to ever since I heard about it! A hottie for the Hottie Project. 

I made it using Adrianne's pattern. She has written a great tutorial if you need it too! Its easy to make and creates a cute hottie cover don't you think.
I decided to use this first hottie for quilting practise. I reasoned that the recipient was unlikely to be the quilting police and a small quilt sandwich was perfect to help get my free motion quilting confidence back up. My quilting definitely got better as the afternoon wore on... I think I might just have to do some more quilting practise in the next few days to consolidate the progress that I made.

Last night I splashed out and bought a batch of good quality thread. With that in the house there will be no excuse but to try more free motion quilting (it turns out that my sewing machine is a thread snob and will only do decent FMQ with the most expensive thread- just my luck!)

Right, guess what's next on my makes list?
Yes, you guessed it- more hotties!

Have you been following along with Matariki Crafting. Laura wrote the cutest tutorial yesterday for a hottie dog and Rhiannon has made the most adorable upcycled merino tops today- We have some seriously talented crafters in New Zealand don't you think?!


  1. Looks great - very warm and snuggly! I have to admit, I used mine for FMQ practise too. Good thread definitely makes a noticeable difference for FMQ. Thanks so much for linking to my pattern :-)

  2. That is a beautiful hottie cover. Hope your little one is feeling better soon.

  3. cute - your quilting is a lot neater than mine - mine just looks like scribbles!

  4. I love it. The reds suit it well, instantly making it look all warm and very cosy. :D

  5. Awesome hottie cover - LOVING it -
    Awwwww hope the wee man is feeling better soon

  6. Hope your little one is feeling better soon. Loving your red hottie - so cheerful! xx

  7. Gorgeous hottie cover and love your quilting! Hope the little one recovers soon! xx


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