Thursday, 27 June 2013

Swan Pattern Available Now

There is something very exciting about seeing one of your patterns made up exactly the way that you can see it in your head.

When I sewed my swan pattern the other week I was just using fabric from my stash. It wasn't the fabrics that I envisioned when I designed the pattern, but it was fine for what I needed- to confirm that my pattern worked.

Although I was thrilled to see that the pattern worked, I was a bit disappointed in the fabrics that I used. Somehow the swan just didn't live up to the image in my mind.

Pretty lucky then that Carin did such a great job of testing the pattern for me. 
Just look what she came up with! 
Did she not manage to capture the swan's elegance perfectly!?!
I love that she made it a black swan, just like the source of my original inspiration. I love that she chose a fabric which gave the feathers and water a texture.

As for my swan, well I really hope that my free motion quilting is up to the job! - I've got plans!

The finished pattern is for a pair of swans.

You can buy my paper pieced Swan Pattern now from my Craftsy Store.

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  1. Congrats on another fabulous pattern! I love both swans but, you're right, the texture on Carin's is amazing. Great job!

  2. Gorgeous blocks... Love the textures in Carins one - truly lovely :)

  3. Nice job, and great foundation blocks.


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