Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Rediscovering the Joy of Knitting

After finally finishing knitting Mr Tartankiwi's boring jumper, I needed a pretty special project to get me interested in knitting again.

The good news is that I found it!
I have totally rediscovered the joys of knitting thanks to this project!!! 
Let me explain why...

To start with I was working with the most scrumptious yarn. 
The other week I was lucky enough to be online when Red Riding Hood Yarns had one of their regular yarn stockings. I bought some on impulse and oh my goodness its beautiful!!!

Then, inspired by Laura's amazing knitting, I decided to have a go at knitting a milo
I think I'm in love with this pattern and I can totally understand why people get addicted to knitting them.

So why do I love the Milo Pattern so much?

Well to start with, the whole pattern is knitted as a single piece on circular needles- this means no boring sewing of pieces together at the end!

As I knitted with a single skein of wool, the only ends to sew in were the beginning and the end (PERFECT!)

Then there's the fact that its kind of magic seeing the shoulder straps gradually appearing as you knit. Before I started knitting I couldn't imagine how it would all come together, but the pattern is clearly explained and I loved watching it evolve.
I was a bit very nervous about trying to knit cable but do you know what, it really wasn't a big deal! I watched one video on you-tube and then followed the instructions in the pattern. There was no scary mumbo-jumbo knitting talk and I mastered it with minimal difficulty. Seriously, if you're scared of knitting cable, give it a go- its not as hard as you think!

By the time that I was 3/4 through knitting this milo, Rascal was constantly saying "Mummy, I love it when you make things for me" and between her and Scallywag the plan had been hatched that I would knit another one for Scallywag.

... Good thing there was another Red Riding Hood Yarn Stocking last night and I was able to get some more wool! Now to decide which cable option to choose for Scallywag, I can promise you one thing, this adventurous soul wants to try a different pattern!


  1. Im a big fan of the milo since laura knitted one in red for fin, he has it on today and its just super cosy. The wool you used looks divine x

  2. LOVE handknitting
    LOVE this so much
    LOVE your adventurous soul

  3. So many talents! yay for mastering it - looks graet! and it's the best compliment when the kids love love love it! x

  4. Gorgeous, that yarn is divine!!

  5. Fantastic! I have this pattern and one day must knit it for my new niece! Very annoyed that I never knitted when my boys were young and older boys really re not not knitted stuff except for hats and socks!

  6. Oh it looks great! I've never knitted a cable and this seems like it wouldn't be too scary.


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