Friday, 14 June 2013

Quilted Goodness

There's nothing quite like snuggling under a lovely soft quilt on a cold wet winters day!
There's something about it that brightens the world.

Its not just the physical warmth that you get from it.

There's the warmth that you get from knowing that the whole thing was lovingly stitched together piece by piece. The thought that someone spent hours of their time designing, choosing fabrics, piecing and quilting it. 

 Somebody recently said to me that its impossible to put a monetary value on a quilt and they were so so right!

I made this quilt for Scallywag. My intention was to put it on his bed when we are finally brave enough to move him from his cot into a bed (it won't happen any time soon if I have my way, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared!)

I seriously love the fabrics in this quilt. The colours, the designs, the combinations. The majority of the fabrics were bought at the same time but I didn't have a specific project for them and I didn't really intend to combine them all in this way. A few other random fabrics somehow made their way into the mix and we have a great combination!

Even the foxes on the back are amazing!
This is the second tumbler quilt that I have made and as I've said before, I adore this way of arranging the fabrics.
All in all I am really really happy with how will this quilt turned out.

The only thing is that its a wee bit narrower than I intended, and, it just so happens to looks amazing draped over the back of our sofa, don't you think?
Please excuse the dodgy photo, it was a pretty grey day today

So here's my dilemma...
Do I keep it for the sofa where it can be grabbed by any small child or adult who feels the need for a snuggle?
Do I store it on the sofa until Scallywag makes the transition to his big boy bed at which time I am big and mature and move it over to his room?
Or do I hide it away for now (to avoid temptation) and follow my original plan to put it on Scallywag's big boy bed when he makes the move?
(If I do decide to keep it for the quilt for the sofa, never fear, I would definitely make a new quilt for Scallywag, I'm not that mean a mum, I wouldn't have the poor boy missing out completely!)
Hmmm decisions decisions!

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  1. I do like the idea of a pile of quilts readily available to grab - I have them stacked next to the fire .. .. .. and I rotate them from lounge to kids beds

  2. Use it and make another one too! The world needs to be full of quilts!!

  3. I find the idea of it on the sofa for grabs appealing :) it's gorgeous!

  4. I say keep it on the sofa, especially now we're in Winter! Plus it means you get to plan another awesome quilt for the big bed when the time comes!

  5. Gorgeous quilt. I love the colours you picked. By all means keep it out. Why hide beauty? ;-)

  6. It is so charming! I might be tempted to hide it away but only if the size works for his bed. If it doesn't I would keep it out to enjoy all the time :)

  7. It's adorable! I'd want to have them all out and being used all the time - go on, live on the edge!


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