Monday, 10 June 2013

Matariki Crafting... And So It Begins!

Hello and welcome to Matariki Crafting!
Don't you find that during the cold dark days of winter it can be difficult to stay inspired.
Its cold, dark, dull- not exactly inspiring stuff!
But yet, in many ways, Winter is a perfect time to craft.

I mean, what better way to spend your time than to snuggle up under a quilt or blanket next to a roaring fire and do a stroke of knitting, crochet or quilting?
What better way to spend your evenings than to have a craft night and invite your friends round for some coffee, cake and crafting?

To me, the key to successful winter crafting more than at any other season of the year lies with the social aspect of crafting, so I thought I'd invite a few friends to help keep you all inspired during the coming winter season. 

We've set up a little blog hop to give you some ideas for winter crafting projects. Make sure you visit the following people on their days:

Tuesday 11th June- Lisa - Big Little
Wednesday 12th June - Louana - NZ Green Buttons
Thursday 13th June - Stella - The Golden Adventures of a Very Dark Horse

We'll have a wee break over the weekend so you can catch up on anything that you missed!

Monday 17th June - Laura - HOOTNZ
Tuesday 18th June – Rhiannon - Toast and Life
Wednesday 19th June - Dee - Dee*Construction
Thursday 20th June – Miriam – Create Hope Inspire
Friday 21st June - Leonie – Sunshine x 3

Another break over the weekend

Monday 24nd June - Roz - Squiltz
Tuesday 25d June – Holly- Hollymayb
Wednesday 26th June - Juliet- Right here! Final round-up and Linky Party!!!

Wednesday 10th July- Linky Party Closes
Friday 12th July- Prize winners announced

I'll try to keep up the winter theme here at Tartankiwi as much as I can during the blog hop (I've got a few wee projects ready to share with you) and I will post occasional reminders as to where you should be heading each day.

Now once you have visited all those talented people its your turn. 
I am hoping that you will all be feeling super inspired and will have started on your own winter crafting projects.

 I'd love for you to link up and show us what you've been up to and what you are working on.

It can be something that you started from scratch this year, or something that has lain in a cupboard unloved since last winter- I'm not fussy!

Projects should preferably be finished, but if it is a massive project (such as a crocheted blanket or a quilt) and you need some encouragement, feel free to show us what you've achieved so far.

Prizes will be handed out on a random basis to those who link up (so saying that your crafting is "not good enough" is no excuse!). This is about inspiring, supporting and encouraging each other - the more the merrier!

Each person can enter up to 3 projects (of which at least 2 should be finished). They should have been completed recently. Please mention Matariki Crafting in your post so that others can find us and join in the fun too.

By now I guess you are wondering what prizes are on offer. Here's the line up:

Tiny Happy Book
Firstly, what better way to start the prizes off than with a great bit of Kiwi crafting inspiration?!
Melissa Wastney of Tiny Happy has generously offered a signed copy of her new book.
(For rave reviews of this book see here and here!)
3 people can win a voucher from The Make Cafe each worth $20
Whatever your creative passion you should easily find something to catch your fancy here- fabric, books and magazines, yarn, general craft and scrapbooking supplies or (if you're based in Christchurch) workshops, yummy freshly baked food and great coffee)

Nicola from Buttons for Benji has kindly donated two sets of her beautiful handmade buttons. 
The winner can choose any two sets from the ready right now section of her site.
Go have a look- she has some gorgeous stock!

If sewing is your thing, then I've got just the thing for you. Lisa from Big Little has offered three people the chance to win one of her beautiful patterns.
Her childrens clothes patterns are so beautiful and inspirational- I know that I for one would love to give some of them a try!

Finally the lovely and multi talented Nin of Larks Wing has put together a gorgeous Winter crafting package to keep you smiling as you craft through the winter! It consists of :

  • heart handwarmers (These miniature wheat bags are just the right size to pop into overcoat pockets and hold onto on chilly mornings. They are made of thick wool/polyester blend fabric which is soft to the touch and will stay warm in your pockets for hours. )  
  • An upcycled wool/applique pincushion 
  • the latest copy of homestyle.

So what are you waiting for? Go and get your thinking caps on, and I look forward to seeing your winter craft projects in a few weeks time. I can't wait to see what you will all get up to!

Everyone is welcome to link up, but prizes will only be sent to NZ addresses- sorry!

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This event is proudly supporting the Hottie Project, a sister winter crafting project which is really really worth supporting.


  1. Looking forward to see what everyone is working on. Happy winter crafting all :) xx

  2. OK I'm in. I have a lots of craft things on the go/that need finishing and I love all of the blogs that are joining in.

  3. Yay! looking forward to seeing all the goodies!

  4. Lovely idea. Will look forward to seeing what people are making. Cx

  5. I would love for it to be winter right now. The sun has been down for hours and its still 85 F. Maybe working on some winter crafts will make me fell better :)

    1. I've just found your blog. What a fantastic idea!! Knitworld started an amazing wool sale today if anyone needs wool...

  6. I did a blog post about this...hope I did it right? (let me know if i missed something really obvious and important!!)
    Thanks for the invite to join in xx

  7. Awesome - I already have a few ideas lined up now I have somewhere to come and linkie them.

  8. Hey J! Where do I find the linky??

  9. I would like to know where to linky too? I've just finished something on Wednesday and it needs to go into this!

  10. Ah, it's such a shame this finishes on the 10th. I have my son's winter themed birthday on the 13th and will be making some cute winter themed stuff, but I kind of want to keep it under wraps until the party! Maybe I will post at the last minute if that's OK.


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