Thursday, 13 June 2013

Just Swanning Around...

While we were in Golden Bay, we went up to Farewell Spit. This is a long narrow sand spit which makes up the northernmost point of New Zealands South Island.

When we arrived it was grey, dull and threatening to rain, but we put on our waterproofs and wandered down to the beach. 

There in the bay in front of us were countless pairs of black swans. I was immediately struck by their beauty and the elegance of their silhouette. The beginnings of a paper piecing design were born in that moment.

That night, I doodled a sketch of a swan (don't laugh, I'm not great at drawing) and then set to work designing a pattern. 
Once the pattern was finished I was really really excited. 

I loved it and without printing the pattern or even really seriously looking at the pattern pieces I sent it to a pattern tester.

About a week later I decided to have a go at piecing it. I printed it and panicked. The pieces were tiny and without sewing a stitch I knew that it would be really difficult to stitch well.

I emailed the pattern tester (keeping my fingers crossed that she hadn't already started on it) and asked her not to start work on the pattern. Luckily she hadn't started.
I set to work redesigning.

This time I didn't muck around and I pieced what I had designed straight away.
I can't help feeling that I didn't have the fabrics to make the most of the pattern, but I still love the results. It needs a bit more texture.

I'm debating what to do with it... I'm thinking that it will probably be turned into another paper pieced cushion to join our kiwi and bluebird.

I have some ideas for the quilting... we'll see if I can achieve what is in my head!

 Although the swan works well on its own, I think it would be even better as a pair.

Mr Tartankiwi HATES (I mean REALLY hates) this version, but if you were of romantic disposition you could accentuate the central heart shape in your fabric choices...
I must admit that I'm jumping the gun on this one, its not back from the pattern tester yet... I just couldn't wait to show you all.. I'll let you know when its available, but in the meantime,
What do you think?

Today's stop on Matariki Crafting is The Golden Adventures of a Very Dark Horse. Make sure you don't miss it as Stella has an awesome tutorial to share!

Oops! I almost forgot to say that I am linking up with WIP Wednesday and Show and Tell


  1. You are on a roll! Very elegant design, and I love the pair... very subtle :)

  2. I love the pair! Would make a lovely long cushion!

  3. I love the pair too. So sweet!

  4. Beautiful! I'm interested to see the quilting- I think some texture to suggest wings or feathers would be really nice.

  5. I really love the pair together - I think that looks beautiful!

  6. What Louana said - I think its a little Kitsch, but then that's probably what I like about it!


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