Friday, 7 June 2013

4 Point Star

Now before you tell me off for and send me back to my knitting, can I just say that Mr Tartankiwi's jumper is FINISHED! I have yet to take pictures but when I have them, I'll let you see.

Scallywag's quilt is also finished and also in need of some photos to be taken.

... So much to share with you after a good photo session!

As a reward for having finished those two projects, I allowed myself to test one of my own patterns. Its one that I designed a while ago, but for some reason it remained in the half finished pile for a long long time. While I was away, I went through and resurrected it. I'm glad I did!
Its been a while, but hopefully you will recognise the colours in this block and realise that I am continuing my good work, by returning to another long term WIP - the Sampler Quilt.

I was pretty excited to think that once this block was complete I would only need to do 2 more blocks, but I laid the whole lot out last night and realistically I need another 9 more blocks... Grrr... I'd better keep working eh!

I must admit that I have had to make a few wee alterations to the pattern since testing it, but I love the way that it came together.

Its a simple pattern which comes together easily.

Caroline from Quilting in the Cold was kind enough to also test the pattern for me. She did a great job. Here is her block, don't you just love the fabrics that she chose! 

If you want to give the 4 point star pattern a try, its available now from my Craftsy store.

And the good news is that I will hopefully have a few more patterns available for you all over the next few weeks. Keep your eyes peeled!

I'm joining in with Show and Tell and Paper Piecing Party


  1. Gorgeous Juliet just gorgeous
    Your quilt is going to be well IS a complete stunner

  2. Sweet new pattern! I just adore stars!

    Love how your blocks are looking altogether - glad you are working on it again - it's going to be a stunner!

  3. Very cool four pointed star!

  4. 9 blocks!!! aaaaahhhhhh!!! though this one is very nice - you are on such a design roll!


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