Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Well, I really needed that!

My family and I spent the last ten days in a basic cottage in Golden Bay.
The weather may not always have been perfect, but it didn't matter.
We were together, we were on holiday and that was the important bit.

We went for early morning walks on the beach and stepped in every puddle that we could find.

We played games - our own personalised version of "Who is it?" with pictures of members of Mr Tartankiwi's family was the absolute favourite. It was a parting gift given to us when we left the Netherlands and it had never been played until now! Rascal LOVES it and begs to play all the time!
Happy families was another favourite game (you wouldn't believe how many different games you can create from that one set of cards!)

We read books.

We went for long walks, played Pooh Sticks and had lots and lots of fun imaginative play.

We played on amazing golden beaches- this one in the Abel Tasman Park

We relaxed and I saw inspiration everywhere!
We made friends with the locals
Yes, that Cheeky fantail was standing on Mr Tartankiwi's shades!

And now... I have loads of new patterns virtually ready to be tested. Some new, some rescued from the scrap heap.
I have a few projects almost ready to blog, but we'll see how things go. It MAY be a wee bit quiet around here as I prepare for my Winter Crafting Event- watch this space for more details!
... Or then again, I may just blog everything as and when I feel like it- we'll see what happens shall we?


  1. Looks like a absolutely lovely break :) How cool are fantails! Looking forward to reading more! Lisa x

  2. looks lovely!
    I love the idea with the game using family faces

  3. what awesome photos and wonderful family time away :D

  4. Oh it looks Bliss!! Welcome back after what looks to have been an absolutely wonderful time away x

  5. Wow! Cheeky fantails are my favourite little bird, I think. Sounds like you had a awesome time :)

  6. What a lovely time you had, Golden Bay is heaven on earth :)

  7. One day I'll visit your beautiful country again. Glad you had a wonderful break.


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