Thursday, 16 May 2013

Around the (Virtual) Crafting Table

After the excitement of Around the Table, I know that a lot of New Zealand bloggers are feeling a bit flat. 
Some question whether they are writing the right content.
Others wonder whether they are reaching the right audience.
There are those who have started questioning their photography and writing style.
Some question whether they are ready to take the next step and start making money from their blog. 
...and finally there are those who are just lacking in inspiration.

I may have dabbled in some of these doubts myself, but I think I'm coming out the other side and am ready for some serious blogging and crafting. And it struck me. Why don't we inspire each other! Why don't we help each other out of our crafting and blogging funk!
We've had the IRL event, why not follow it up with an online event? Lets cement those friendships, inspire and support each other.

I was thinking that maybe we could have a one-off crafting challenge, one that you can enter no matter your skill set (or lack thereof...) A challenge that the crocheters, knitters, quilters, scrapbookers, jewellery makers, sewers (or is that sewists) can all enter 
(Did I miss anyone out?- if I did, please forgive me because all are welcome).

I was thinking that we could make the theme "Winter", which you are welcome to interpret however you like.

I'm sure that I can rustle together a few prizes if I knock on the right doors, but to be honest this isn't really about the prizes, its about rediscovering the joys of crafting and blogging. Share your inspiration for your project (is it something that you love doing in the winter; is it something that you wear in the winter; is it something you love eating in Winter, is it a representation of a winter scene?) share the process of making your item and finally share the results of your crafting. Lets get the New Zealand crafting world buzzing again!

Are you in?
If you think its a good idea let me know and I'll get started on organising the nitty gritty.
Don't worry I'll give you lots of time to come up with a plan... hence the winter theme!
Oh and you don't have to have attended Around the Table to take part!


  1. Fantastic idea!!!! I'm so in, def need something to re-inspire me!! You are a genius!!!

  2. I think it's a great idea! I'm in definite need of some inspiration ....

  3. I'm DEF in and I know of an upcoming event that will def cover this !! !! !!

  4. I am in and have the perfect idea. Will email you tonight... Cat alluded to it... Chat soon xx

  5. I didn't come to Around the Table, but I think this is a great idea. With the onset of winter and the fewer daylight hours, I could do with a bit of inspiration!

  6. great idea - love it. Did you read the post on the ATT blog yesterday? I'm all in x I think prizes and a linky would be fun, fun, fun. :o)

  7. Me too, in a small, squeeze in-able way! GREAT idea, you really are back on form!

  8. Sound Rad! I'm keen. Let's get makin'.

  9. In! Although I may be slightly crazy! Love the idea, Juliet you are a star xx

  10. Sounds great. I haven't met you in real life though, hope that doesn't mean I can't participate?

    1. Of course you can join us Kirsty! The more the merrier!!!

  11. GREAT idea! I hope I can participate from Sweden too!

  12. Great idea, my main problem atm isn't a lack of inspiration, but a lack of time!

  13. A great idea ... I will do the squeezing in (around life with a new born)thing like Max said. Can't wait to hear more!

  14. im not in New zealand and ive never met you.BUT i think its a fab idea.
    hugs xo

  15. We set up a similar challenge, called le challenge ( one month, one theme, any crafts can be used! You should link up. The next theme is Maritime!

  16. Hi Juliet, I was in the paper piecing class you gave at Make Cafe and was talking to you about the CEISMIC digital archive, and promised to email you some more information. I tried emailing you at the address you gave on the class notes, but I've just had a reply back from that address and it wasn't you, so I'm assuming you must have mistyped the address or something?

    Could you please email me, on futurecatnz (at) gmail (dot) com?



    By the way, I finally finished my heart, and then was super-brave and tried one of your other patterns. The results are here and here

  17. Can we if we're not in NZ? :)


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