Friday, 31 May 2013

Announcing... Matariki Crafting

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As we drove from Golden Bay to Christchurch the other day, it seemed as if in the space of a few short hours we drove from Autumn into Winter. We left beautiful amber shades of Autumn behind us; drove through the stunning snow dusted mountains of The Lewis Pass; only to be met by black skies and sleet in Christchurch.

I had been worrying a bit that my Winter Themed Crafting event was going to he happening too early in the season, but as the car wove its way through the tranquil snowscene and an excited voice perked up from the back of the car saying "Daddy, I was hoping that we'd see snow today!", I realised that my timing is perfect!

Starting on 10th June, I am going to be hosting Matariki Crafting. 

A New Year, New Inspiration!
A crafting journey taking us to new places.
A place where crafters can beat the crafting and winter blues.
A place where we can encourage and hopefully inspire each other to try new things.

I have invited 11 of my kiwi blogging crafting buddies to join me in a blog hop. Each person will have their own winter project for you to try. I have tried to ensure that there is a mixture of projects, something for as many different crafty types as possible.

But a word of warning! Don't just sit of the sidelines! Get your thinking caps on and start on your own winter projects. It could be a hottie; scrapbooking; a quilt; knitting, crocheting or a children's crafting project. The possibilities are endless! 

Just make sure that you link up your winter project here at the end of the blog hop...
I promise to make it worth your while... There will be prizes!!!

Feel free to start spreading the word- here is a button for the event.

<div align="center"><a href="" title="Tartankiwi" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Tartankiwi" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

I'll see you back here on 10 June... If not before!
**International people are welcome to link up there winter projects and I really hope that they will follow along with the blog hop, but due to the fact that the majority of the prizes are being donated by small New Zealand companies and postage costs are high, prizes will only be sent to New Zealand addresses- I'm sorry! I promise to look after the international contingent in my next giveaway**


  1. Great idea Juliet, can't wait to see the projects. The photos of the wintry south look beautiful - chillly, but beautiful.

  2. exciting! Love that its something cheerful in the middle of winter!

  3. Hi Juliet, that sounds awesome! I am finally getting round to making Lily a Quiet Book so would love to share its progress here, it will also get me motivated to a.start and b.keep going!

  4. Hi, I just came across this through a button on another blog. I welcome any excuse to kick the winter blues so I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this! Bring on winter (did I really just say that?)

  5. excellent, i'm in. i have a little project as well as a hottie to =get cracking! gorgeous photos btw x

  6. Whoop whoop! My brain is still working on some ideas... I just cant seem to settle on anything! x Gorgeous photo's and scenery :)


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