Thursday, 4 April 2013

The Finish(or should that be Fail?)-a-long First Quarter!

Oh dear oh dear!

Way back in January I wrote a list of sewing projects to do in the next three months... and about 3 days after I posted I was drafted in to the organising committee of Around the Table AND my 4 year old dropped her day sleep and needed constant supervision at lunchtime (without it she would put herself to bed, but then be up till all hours at night!) In one fell swoop my sewing time was reduced to virtually nothing *sob!*

In addition to all of this, my sewing machine slowly started playing up more and more and I gradually stopped trusting it to do a good job.

With these things in mind, please don't be too tough on me and my lack of progress.

The Sunshine Quilt 
Progress has been made- but not too much!

The quilt has been basted and I am using this quilt to test and expand my FMQ skills. So far I have discovered that my machine is a thread snob and will only behave properly with expensive thread *sigh!*
This was when I was still experimenting with different kinds of thread!

I would say that the quilt is now about half quilted. I hope to finish it in the not too distant future and now that I have discovered how to get my machine to behave properly this aim may even me achievable!!!

The Sampler Quilt 
When I posted about this quilt in January, I only had 5 blocks to make before completing the top. Now I only have three to go.. I know, I know, not great progress but at least there has been some...

Ummm, shall we move on quickly???

Baby Quilt 

Done, dusted and sent to its owner who loves it! (Phew, at least I have one finished project to show for myself) I really love how this one turned out, especially as I was completely making it up as I went along!

Tutorial for my Box Bag  
Still a random list of measurements I'm afraid, BUT I really want to get onto this one in the near future. Hopefully I'll have something to show you soon.

I'm really trying not to be too hard on myself, because this last quarter of a year has been BU-SY! I can't wait to get back behind my sewing machine in the not too distant future! Maybe I'll have more success next quarter!

Oh and with the help of my friends I have finished another king single sized quilt (so I have not been a complete sewing failure), but I'm not sharing any more details until it has been safely handed over!

Oh ...and there was the hexagon cushion too!

Maybe I was a bit more productive than I give myself credit for!!!

Hanging my head in shame and linking in with Leeanne at She Can Quilt.

she can quilt


  1. yeah but I'm sure ATT counts for at least 3 or 4 finished things!!! :o)

  2. Aww - The baby quilt is so adorable. And don't be hard on yourself for last quarter! That precious 4yo is far more important than quilting progress right now. :)

  3. I think considering all life as thrown at you in the past 3 months you should be right proud of yourself for getting as much done as you have and still blogging about it to boot- everything looks great and I am sure things will all calm down soon and you will find yourself with much more time on your hands!

  4. Hey stop being so hard on yourself xxxx You are doing such a great job helping to organise the conference and I can't even tell you how much I am looking forward to it. So thank you for being awesome!

  5. Love that sampler quilt and the ladybugs and butterflies! I haven't gotten much done from my January list either - and have yet to get my blog post done, so you've done better than I have! :-). Maybe next quarter we'll find lots more sewing time and be able to check off more of our lists. Your work is beautiful.

  6. Ahhh you achieved more than me so be kind to yourself
    And the very special quilt oh me oh my oh me oh my
    And your sampler quilt - gorgeous

  7. How awesome!! I'm still working on a quilt... I'll share it one day!

    My little guy is looking more and more like he's going to drop that midday sleep soon too. :(

  8. The sampler is going to be amazing!

  9. These are all projects you're doing for yourself, yes? And if I read you right you have done a whole lot of selfless awesome stuff in the meantime, yes? Then no need to apologise and 'hang you head in shame' you're doing great!

  10. I think youre awesome and a machine!! Things will happen when they happen x

  11. It's not a shabby list at all and I think you missed out a new paper pieced pattern that I tested for you a few weeks back too! Don't you dare hang your head!!! :)

  12. I love the baby quilt- you're so clever : )

  13. I love your baby quilt, and you made great progress on most of the others, I hope you put them on your Q2 list.


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