Thursday, 18 April 2013

Swaps and Goodies!

One of the icebreakers at Around the Table was a name tag swap. 

Everyone who attended was given a swap partner, some inspiration and set to work.

My partner was the beautiful and bubbly Nickie-Jean of Stuff NJ Says. Just have a look at the cute tartankiwi that she made for me!

To be honest, I was a bit stumped as to what to make for her, but then thought about the fact that she is a writer and I remembered some awesome fabric that I have with typewriters and typewriter keys.

I quickly appliqu├ęd, straight line quilted and then bound a name tag. It was rather huge when it was finished so I suggested that she can take the pin off the back and turn it into a coaster if she wants.

In the haze that was the pre-conference weeks I was pretty amazed that mine wasn't made the night before the event. I'm not so impressed that I was totally dozey and completely forgot to take a photo of the completed item (oops!) All I have is a wee teaser photo that I put on instagram.

Luckily, Roz, took a better photo of my award winning nametag.

What's that? Yes, award winning! Three secret judges had the job of choosing their favourite name tags and one of them chose mine!

My prize was this amazing print from Erupt Prints. I MAY have joked in the weeks before the conference that I wanted to get my sticky hands on this, but I promise that it was not a fix!

Home Sweet Home!
This is going to take pride of place in my hall!

While we're on the subject of being spoilt, did I show you the awesome goodies that were in our goodie bags? A huge thanks to (among others) Emma Makes for the awesome, notebook and pencil; Piece for the cute pack of needles; Rose in Thorns for the gorgeous scented tealight; Lush for the rockstar soap (sing as you wash and be a star in your own bathroom!); The Make Cafe for the awesome coordinating fabric and bakers twine and Naomi Ferguson for the beautiful tunes.

Aargh! Missing from this photo is the really cool card that the uber talented and totally gorgeous Stella designed specially for the event... hmmm might have to share that for another day as there are VERY loud shouts coming from the cot telling me that a certain wee boy has woken up after his lunchtime sleep!

See you soon!


  1. The name badge you made for Nicky-Jean was genius, so inventive and inspired! L x

  2. Love the teaser pic! Congrats. I just had to look up whare - what a cool print!

  3. A well deserved winner juliet, it was a real stand out xxx

  4. It was a fantastic name tag - love love loved it! and those goody bags were awesome!

  5. It's waaaay too pretty to be a coaster! It just hangs out with my typewriter now and smiles at me while I'm writing :)


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