Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Half composed blog posts swim around my head.
Half finished and half thought out sewing projects fight for attention.
I'm not sure what has happened but my blogging and sewing seem to be suffering at the moment.

Maybe the projects that are waiting to be worked on feel stale.
Maybe I'm putting too much pressure on myself
Maybe sewing is becoming a chore instead of a love and I need a frivolous project
Maybe I need a holiday
Maybe I'm just trying to squeeze too much into my day!
... I don't know!!!

After Around the Table, I thought I'd seize my new found free time and start on some awesome sewing, but the projects that I have done have either been less than satisfactory or not blog worthy (the days that I blog about absolutely everything that I sew are long gone!)

Its not for lack of desire, I'd dearly love to start a new awesome project but at the moment I just can't work out where to begin! 

In the meantime I'm off to proof-read my class notes for tonight's paper piecing class- maybe the ladies there will inspire me! After that I might just have to leaf through my amazing new book - there MUST be some inspiration in there! (There's a story behind this book but I'll share that another day!)

Anybody have any great ideas to kick start me out of this slump?
Sorry for whinging


  1. enjoy the quiet before you have LOTS of new exciting projects on the go :D

  2. I'm so glad you said this, I'm feeling EXACTLY the same way. Post conference LOW. BOO.

    Maybe take the pressure off a bit, sew something just for fun, or try something you've never done before. surround your self in lovely books (that one looks like a good start ;) ) x

    I need to listen to my own advice. *sigh*

  3. Ummm your posts are no longer appearing in my blog reader? Me?????
    LOVING the new layout it is simply amazing
    I understand about slumps blogging life mojos and blues
    Much love
    How about some feijoa truffles ??

  4. I think there's a bit of that going on! If it weren't for deadlines I would be twiddling my thumbs not quite knowing what to do or where to start and lacking a bit of motivation! I feel you, but like a certain scottish lady once told me... mojo's come and mojo's go ;) it will be back, in the meantime look after you! Maybe learn to crochet ;) xx

  5. I agree with leonie, try a craft you never tried before. If i see your mojo i'll send it home x

  6. I think everyone goes through this from time to time, if we were sew sew sew all the time we'd get burned out. Enjoy a bit of a break and I'm sure your sewjo with return soon enough! :)

    Your blog is looking SLICK by the way! Awesome stuff!


  7. on ya with the post conference low...and I was just an attendee!

  8. So ideas, I am in the same boat! Looking forward to seeing what YOU do to kickstart yourself xxx

  9. I know just the type of low you are speaking of and it can be a real bummer. I say take a forced week or two of no sewing what-so-ever and pay attention to where your mind wanders while you are on your break- whatever seems to grab your attention the most would be a great thing to start easing back into when your break is done- and after a break you may feel more refreshed and excited to get back into it! :)

  10. craft with a friend OR
    swear off craft for a set period of time and let the passion to craft burn! (in an appropriate way!)
    those are my only suggestions.....

  11. Sometimes getting the whinge out is the first step! :) Personally, it really helped me a lot to cut down my online time, clean my sewing table, and start afresh after a little break.

  12. It's perfectly natural to have post conference slumps. Everyone I know who went to FQR in London last year went through a massive one... Plus it's perfectly natural to go through ups and downs with your creative mojo. After all we do with everything else in life so why not this right?!,,,
    Just be kind to yourself with your expectations. Take a break and just do something fun. It will soon come back to you.
    By the way, love the new look.

  13. I have three recommendations 1) play with your fabric stash 2) make bag 3) make a toy. Any of those things will get me going again, maybe they'll help you.

  14. I completely understand that feeling....I happens every now and then. I either choose to do something completely non crafty...or venture into a new exciting tiny quick satisfaction project....maybe a paper pieced pin cushion...or have a go at crocheting??? hope your class went well :)


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