Thursday, 25 April 2013


The next time that I promise you guys a tutorial, please remind me to do it immediately!

You may remember that a few months ago I made up pattern for a craft caddy and a vanity case. I was so pleased with it that I promised to write a tutorial. Unfortunately life sort of got in the way and after scribbling down some rough dimensions and even rougher instructions, the project was laid aside.

The other night, I sat down in my sewing room, determined to finally get my act together and write the long promised tutorial.
I started off well,
but as the evening progressed my photos got worse,
... I forgot to take photos
... and finally I realised that I had done various important steps in the wrong order (oops!)
Laminated cotton is not very forgiving of mistakes- unpicked stitches leave a series of small punctures in the fabric.
I gave up in disgust for the night!
The next day I carried on and managed to finish my craft caddy.
When I was about ninety percent finished I was in despair at the rough and ready sewing, but by the end I managed to salvage most of the crumby workmanship. Needless to say, the tutorial will have to wait!!!
I am hoping that I have learnt from my mistakes and perfected my method.
I'll try to get some more supplies as soon as possible so that I can have another crack at it...
Watch this space!
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  1. Practise nakes perfect and this one looks good! I so need to get some of that typewriter fabric! :)

    1. The fabric is from the Julia Rothman "type" range- I love it!

  2. Despite your frustration it looks like a great bag. Love the internal fabrics, and all those handy pockets.

  3. LOve it you clever thing! And BTW it's gorgeous!

  4. I'm looking forward to the tutorial - it's a great bag and fab fabric choices :)

  5. Amenaza amenaza con un tutotial....

  6. That is fantastic...looks like it would be tricky but once mastered what a great project. xxx

  7. Well, in the end it sure does look wonderful :D It's a really nice vanity case!

  8. AWESOME!!!! I will patiently the interior pockets :)

  9. Cute AS fabric - I love the typewriter theme


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