Friday, 29 March 2013

Hexagon cushion

It feels like a very long time since I've had anything to share with you on this here blog.

I have been super busy with the organisation of Around the Table and by the time that I have done with that for the night, all that I am generally fit for is collapsing in a heap and watching mindless telly.

I have a couple of projects which have been finished or almost finished, but unfortunately neither of these can be blogged yet.

BUT... I finally have a small finish. You may remember that a while ago I made an English paper pieced lumpy cushion. At the time I was unsure about it as I filled it with fabric scraps. It was heavy and I thought that it might be uncomfortable. It turns out that its Rascal's favourite cushion. When she is tired she goes and snuggles with the lumpy cushion and the tilda quilt.

I decided to make a new lumpy cushion especially for Rascal.

Once I had finished the hexagons, I was unsure what fabric to use as a background. But luckily I work in a fabric shop so I took the hexagons to work and auditioned different fabrics. I reluctantly ended up with pink, but it really was the best match!

Next decision was what shape to make the cushion. The original lumpy cushion was a wonky circle, but I didn't really feel like repeating that. A square was just boring and finally I settled upon a hexagon. I love the shape.

Come to think of it, I love the whole cushion... Do you think Rascal would mind if I kept it?!?

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  1. Its awesome! And i love love that shape :). Ive started saving all the little cutoffs etc thanks to you and your lumpy cushions x

  2. cute, and I so know what you mean about not having brain space for the blog.... no brain space here either! x

  3. Love the cushion! The hexagon shape shows of the pieced ones just right :-) hopefully once this bloggers meet is over you're be able to regain some sewing time :-)

  4. I think Rascal might mind if you kept it...but she might share? hehe. Lovely work as usual, can't wait to see that quilt you've been talking about on FB

  5. I'm sure Rascal has already claimed it as her very own. :) Love the hexie cushion!!

  6. Great hexies and even better as a cushion. great job xx


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