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Craftsy- Free Motion Quilting Designs

You've probably worked out by now that when it comes to trying new sewing techniques, the first thing that I do is go in search of advice on the internet. I have learnt so so much from the clever and kind bloggers who share their talents and expertise for free, but every now and then even I come across something that is bigger, where I need more than occasional snippets of advice.
Just look at that dodgy stitching!
For me Free Motion Quilting is one of these times. The technique is so different to everything that I have done so far and there are so many things about quilting that I still just fudge my way through. After my frustrations of the other week, I decided that it was time to get some lessons and work out once and for all whether my problems really were down to me or my machine.
I quite like this design!
My determination to work on my skills is only increased when I consider the rather large sampler quilt which is in the "almost finished piecing" pile and will soon need some decisions made regarding quilting.

Definitely need to work on my pebbling, but not sure I want to- it drove me nuts!
Enter Craftsy and Leah Day's Free Motion Quilting a Sampler Quilt Class.

Online Quilting Class
I must admit that so far I have only followed three of the lessons, but for a beginner self-taught free motion quilter like myself it offers a gold mine of information and advice. Among other things, so far I have learnt how to adjust the foot on my machine to make it work better; lots of tricks as to how to baste and lots of tips about stitch length and remedying beginners problems.

The format of the class is very accessible and if anything is unclear, you are encouraged to ask questions- even take photos of your quilting and ask Leah to diagnose the problem for you- how cool is that?!

Once you have purchased the class, it is yours forever.

As with all Craftsy classes. you can place video markers in the lessons so that you can easily find spots that you want to watch again and again and there is a large amount of class material to supplement the video lessons. I had a wee peak through the class material last night and can't wait till we start learning all the different free motion designs.

I started free motion quilting the sunshine quilt before starting this class (just look at the dodgy quilting work in the photos on this post), but I intend to continue using it to practise my skills. Hopefully I will be able to show you some much improved quilting work soon! I promise to share my progress with you all and let you see how my quilting improves as a result of following this class.

*My sewing machine is off having its service as I write this- yay!!!

**In a first for me, I have signed up as a Craftsy affiliate, so I can potentially make money from people following craftsy links from myblog. Please don't hate me for it! All the opinions expressed in this post are my own and I would not endorse a product that I don't approve of.
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  1. I love the second design. Well done on tackling your "problem area". ;) I'm very much looking forward to seeing more pics soon.

  2. Love how you can already see the improvement so far! and yay for affiliates (you deserve it) and machine services! I'd love to know what sort of service you booked in for (the basics, or the works) and if you notice a difference afterwards?

  3. I loved the class and learned so much, I am sure you will continue to learn and get better... I also very much recommend Angela Walters FMQ classes, she has two, machine quilting negative space, and feathers. Can't wait to see what these classes bring to the table for you!

  4. I've got that class too, as well as a few other classes. Have just set up the sign up for the affiliate thing too simply because I love the platform!

  5. Oh, I wondered about this class - maybe it is time to take the plunge!

  6. Ohhh good to know but heck your quilting looks Amazing to me! Go you!

  7. Hurrah for your machine being serviced!
    I signed up for Leah's class a little while ago and have done some practicing but really need to work on where to put my machine as she's too high up on my sewing table for FMQ. My shoulders were killing me but I thought it was so much fun I want to get going again. Your practice pieces look great (esp compared to mine).

  8. May have to look t it, could really do with learning a bit more about FMQ!

  9. I feel the same about pebble quilting and it looks pretty similar to yours too! I think I make the pebbles too small. However I've found that I'm a darnsight better at my own FMQ patterns than following existing ones, so maybe that might be worth a go? I'm trying dogwood next- on a show quilt! Eeek! Pro quilting is just too expensive to do on every quilt top sadly so we should embrace the FMQ!

  10. As long as you post your honest opinions, I think it's great if you make a little money on it. It'll be nice to see your progress with quilting and experience with the class.

  11. Awesome!! I'm interested in having a go at the pebbling, but it might drive me nuts. I like the rainbow.... it's inspiring me. And the squiggles, well, I'm too scared to incase I don't like my own 'try'. I had a go way back in high school and I still have the sample, I didn't like it then but looking at it now it wasn't too bad!



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