Thursday, 21 February 2013

Learning Valuable Lessons

On Monday I showed you part of a birthday present that I made for my niece for her ninth birthday.

Today I thought I'd show you the pouch that I made to go with it. I had a bit of an experiment and applied some Lamafix to the fabric before I made this pouch. Lamafix is an iron-on water resistant coating that you can add to the outer surface of your fabric.

Unfortunately the instructions that I used to attach it were less than perfect. For starters they told me to put the lamafix on the fabric upside down (yes I had a VERY nasty sticky iron as a result of that wee mistake!!!)

The rest of the instructions worked ok, but the result was less than perfect (grrr!) I was a bit gutted that it felt like I had mucked up my beautiful Nursery Versery fabric. That said, I'm hoping that my niece won't notice and that if she does, she won't hold it against me, after all, the pouch and necklace are pretty cute!

I have since found these and tested out these instructions for affixing lamafix... Much much better!

After my first attempt at using this stuff I was swearing never to use it again, but now that I have tested it a bit further, I've come to the conclusion that it could be pretty cool if applied correctly and used for the right project.

Lesson learnt- don't be impatient- test new products on scraps not your good fabric!!!

I'm sharing at Show and Tell, why not hop over and see what everyone else has been up to today!


  1. Im sure she wont notice and no doubt will love it all! Reminds me of those warnings on things like carpet cleaners... First test on an small obscure area... :) you'll know for next time and now I'll be extra careful if i ever get round to using it! x

  2. Oh I'm glad I'm not the only one with a sticky iron! I never have much luck with ironing sticky stuff - but it is worth it if you get it right! Cute pouch!

  3. I've never heard of Lamafix before, thanks for the heads up. The pouch and necklace are lovely.

  4. It's gorgeous and she definitely won't mind x

  5. It's gorgeous
    One very lucky niece

  6. Oh I hate when this happens but you cannot tell. Thanks for the link... Ps are you joining this year swap?

  7. Gorgeous pouch and thanks for the link. I have a roll of Laminix that has been shoved in the cupboard since a disasterous first attempt at using it, I may try again.

  8. Never heard of the Lamafix - the things you learn from blogs! ;)

    I think the pouch turned out beautiful all the same - I bet your niece will love it!

  9. Falling more and more in love with that fabric....she's one lucky little girl.
    I'm intrigued to give lamafix a go now too, thankyou for the link, as I was bound to make the same mistake :)


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