Monday, 14 January 2013

Jewellery Making

One of the things that I want do this year is to try new things. As you will discover over the next few weeks and months, this may have got a bit out of control, and taken forms that I never imagined, but in the meantime I tried my hand at a new craft on Thursday evening.

You see, I went to the Bezel Jewellery making class at the Make Cafe. The class was taught by Vicki of Made By Me Beads. It was such a fun, social and relaxed way to learn.

I came away with this set of jewellery and the intention to make lots more.

Have you tried your hand at any new crafts recently?
If not, I can recommend jewellery making!


  1. It's lovely! x
    I took a silver jewellery making course once, which was fun, and a basic bead jewellery course...must look out my tools again some time (perhaps when there aren't little fingers around to steal crimps and things!).

  2. they look great - I'm so pleased your goal is to try new things!!!

  3. Definitely something I'd like to try sometime! Yours look awesome! Go you trying your hand at new things!

  4. Love this !! !!
    It looks so pretty
    Can it be done with fabric inside?
    I think a tartan kiwi one needs to be made next

  5. Pretty!!
    I love those kinds of necklaces.
    And hmmm... no. Not much time for crafting here at the moment. Although I did reinvent one of my dresses into a skirt yesterday. Reinventing is new to me. :)

  6. They're a cute set, are they done with resin? Can't wait for you to show me the Make Cafe :)


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