Wednesday, 30 January 2013


If I EVER decide to buy a chunky plastic zip instead of a normal one again PLEASE talk me out of it!

Over the last few days I have been making a pouch for my partner in the Sweet Little Pouch Swap and have been winging it in typical Juliet style.

I started off by designing a paper pieced a panel which reflected my partner's interests. It was inspired by this amazing mini quilt.

I then got a bit carried away and designed a second paper pieced panel for the back.
At that stage I looked at what I had and decided that the panels would work really well as a pouch like my sewing case, BUT the panels were a bit bigger than my original pattern so I needed to alter the dimensions of the pattern.

The problem with altering the pattern was that I needed a longer zip. I went to buy a nice long zip and discovered that the only longer zips that I could find were either in really ugly colours or chunky zips. It was a tough decision but I finally decided to go with the pretty coloured chunky zip.

What a mistake!!! The thing was a PIG to put in!!! I sewed, I swore, I unpicked, I sewed, I swore, I unpicked, I sewed, I swore, I unpicked... By the time it was finished I was VERY grumpy and was about ready to throw the thing across the room.

In the end the result is pretty good, but I am left feeling a bit disappointed knowing what it could have been and obsessing about the wonky bits.

I really hope that my partner loves her pouch. She will hopefully be able to see past all the imperfections that scream at me.
See, I told you it was wonky! Look how squint it stands!
Please note that a chunky zip would probably be fine for pouches that you make using a zipper foot, but for this one I use a walking foot to get over the many layers of fabric, wadding and interfacing.The chunky zip was just too thick and led to all kinds of problems...


  1. I just see a really super cool pouch. :D

  2. It still looks great, Juliet. I love to read and both panels are just so gorgeous I want to make something like that for myself :-)

  3. even with a zipper foot those chunky zippers are a nightmare- believe me! The only way I was ever able to make one look perfect was to use fuseable tape on the edges and fuse it to the project first, then just top sew it down- that technique was found after MUCH swearing and seam ripping... sorry for your frustrations, but the end result is beautiful and I am sure your partner will love it.

  4. I love it, Juliet!!! If your partner doesn't like it, tell her to send it my way... LOL!!!

  5. I love it! It looks fantastic!

  6. It looks awesome Juliet! Well done you, in spite of that zip! x

  7. Yes you are the only one that can see that, I think it looks awesome, I actually love the chunky zip addition even though it was such a hassle :) Awesome pieced blocks xx

  8. I just love this pouch, Juliet! Beyond words. So cute!!! xo

  9. I DO love it you don't even know how much I keep hugging it too myself all this time later. On thank you thank you thank you. And my goodness I would have never guessed it endured all that unpicking because it looks absolutely perfect!


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