Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Wheels on the Bus...

I think I've mentioned about Mr Tartankiwi's never-ending faith in my sewing and baking abilities before. My heart tends to drop when I hear him say:

"You could just make a ...{insert some highflying idea}... It should be pretty easy, eh!?!"

With our transport obsessed little boy's second birthday fast approaching, we have been throwing about ideas for birthday cakes. When we were in Edinburgh a few months ago, he just loved the double decker buses, so the idea of a double decker bus cake just kept on coming back time and time again.

Here is the number 2 bus!
... and going!
What do you think? 

Luckily we still had some licorice allsorts and chocolate money in store for wheels, headlights and small details, after my marathon gingerbread house making session at the weekend.  I just wish we had had some smarties or jaffas left too!

If I'd had more of a plan when I was making this and had actually stopped to think about it before I bought in the supplies, I would have used white chocolate buttons to provide faces in the windows, but it wasn't to be.

Here are the gingerbread houses that I made at the weekend.

One gingerbread house is for us for Christmas; the other one was for Scallywag to take to preschool in lieu of a birthday cake... I couldn't be bothered to slave over a cake that nobody would eat, and reckoned that most small children like gingerbread and sweets. Some people may see it as an unacceptable mixing of celebrations, but I can tell you that Scallywag and his wee friends LOVED the gingerbread house and personally I reckon its a pretty cool alternative to a birthday cake!

The only problem  is that Scallywag now points at the remaining gingerbread house and shouts "MINE!" at the top of his voice... hmmm might might take some sweet talking to persuade him that it is not for eating just yet! Hopefully he'll be distracted by his double decker bus...


  1. Fantastic cake!! Well done!! Love the idea of the Gingerbread house for preschool too! Hope you all had a great day celebrating the big birthday!

  2. now that's a cool cake! the first bus cake i've ever seen, especially being a double decker! the details are awesome :)

  3. JULIET!!! Sorry had to shout, that bus is fantastic-your boy is going to go nuts when he sees that! Your gingerbread houses are beautiful too, good inspiration as claud and i have a date to make one this weekend after her birthday x

  4. looks awesome - both creations - you are a talent!

  5. Wow! Hey, that cake is awesome :D

  6. Love the bus and the gingerbread houses! And Happy 2nd Birthday to Scallyway - that come round fast :-)

  7. That is an amazing cake. And, those houses are rather impressivve too! Cx

  8. Well done - they all look great! Im sure he is going to love it x

  9. Wow! Well done.

    It's going to knock his socks off!

    Fiona x


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