Thursday, 27 December 2012

Small Paper Pieced Ladybird

When I showed you my ladybird pattern a few weeks ago, Leonie commented that it would make a great border for a quilt...

She got me thinking...

I immediately got to work simplifying the pattern then made it smaller. 

Here is my new 5 inch ladybird. 

I think that I prefer the small version to the larger ladybird (but it could just be that I chose better fabrics this time round..)

I reckon that they both need a bit of embroidered detail, but I like them so far.

For those of you keen to give this one a try, the good news is that it is already with a pattern tester.

I am now working on a mini version of my butterfly pattern.
I'm picturing a cute butterfly and ladybird border for a quilt. Hmmm maybe I should add some bees as well, what do you think?

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  1. WOW that is super dooper cute
    LOVE it

  2. Wow that's very cute-and very clever- looking forward to seeing the quilt : )

  3. It's gorgeous! ooooohhh a bee! the pictures in my head are going nuts! it's going to be gorgeous! xx

  4. I like the use of spotty fabric. Look forward to seeing a bee!

  5. oh my you are super Talented like i said before and this is just a super wow !!!!!!!!!!! looking forward to the bee !

  6. So so cute! I love your ladybirds a ton.


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