Sunday, 23 December 2012

(Not So) Secret Santa Swap 2012

On Thursday night a group of the Christchurch bloggers met together for our (not so) Secret Santa Swap. I  love meeting up with this funny, witty, talented and friendly group of girls, and I love that new people join us all the time (if you are a Christchurch blogger and you are not on the list, get in touch with Miriam and she will make sure you are invited to our future get-togethers). 

Deb was the perfect host- warm, welcoming and she provided the most beautiful spread of food. 

It was so much fun seeing all the wonderful gifts that people had dreamt up. The price limit was $10 and items could be made, baked or op-shopped.

I was luck enough to receive a gift from my good friend Miriam.

Just look at all the yummy goodies that she baked for me. My freezer is filled to the brim with yummy baking to pull out on those days when I have been working and am too tired to bake (what a thoughtful gift!)
She also made me these beautiful Christmas tree decorations. I LOVE handmade decorations and the fact that when I look at my Christmas tree it tells a story. There are no shop bought Christmas tree decorations at all on my tree this year (apart from the lights) and I think its the most beautifully decorated tree that we've ever had.
My swap partner was the talented Holly of Holly May B. She sews, she quilts, she crochets and she does it all beautifully! 

I was a bit unsure what to make her and then I decided to have a play. I designed this little zipped square case for her to keep all her crafty bits and bobs together.
Its a bit of a prototype and there are definitely a few things that I would do differently the next time, but that said, I LOVE it! 

I was chuffed to bits that it turned out as well as it did. I had been mulling over the pattern for a long time and it was great fun to have a chance to try it out.
I included a few wee goodies in the case- a crochet hook roll, a needle case, a scissor case, a couple of balls of angora wool and the teeny tiniest crochet hook that you have ever seen.
I had joked to Miriam beforehand that if my recipient didn't guess that this gift was from me, then she probably doesn't read my blog! 

Holly passed the test with flying colours, she took one look at it , turned to me and asked if I had made it!
If anyone interested in a tutorial how to make one of these cases, don't worry, I have plans! 

It may change shape slightly; there will definitely be pockets added to the inside and I have a few other ideas floating about in my head. I can't wait to have some relaxed sewing time in which to do it!


  1. Aren't you just the cleverest girl ever! This is amazing!

  2. This is so lovely - how wonderful to have such a lovely evening :). And the gifts received and made are awesome! You are so clever - i am keeping an eye out for that tutorial! x

  3. Ooh fantastic case Juliet! What an awesome gift!

  4. a totally amazing make - I was thinking of another use for it the other day too.... of course I have forgotten it now :o) Thanks for organising such a great night :o)

  5. Love the case...look forward to the tutorial coming along.

    F x


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