Monday, 17 December 2012

Christmas Houses

I have a tradition that each year I make a Christmas tree decoration for each of my children. It almost didn't happen this year, but I finally managed to find a moment to do it. Rascal and Scallywag just love their personalised wee houses made using this tutorial.

For Rascal - I used natural essex linen for the brickwork.  Various pink fabrics used for details along with lace and a few wee girly touches.

For Scallywag grey essex linen with blues and aquas. I love the bicycle leaning against the wall under the window (possibly my favourite detail!)

Each of the Childrens houses has the year and their initial embroidered on the back. Rascal really loves that she can find her ornaments from previous years on the tree really easily.

My friend and I have been swapping Christmas tree decoration in recent years. The wee house that I made for her is a mixture between Rascal and Scallywags houses- feminine touches but not overtly girly colours. I also included some cinnamon stick fragments, cloves and star anise in the stuffing to give it a lovely Christmassy smell... Mmmmm!

Phew! That's another thing off my big huge list of Christmas tasks... its looking more and more feasible that I might just get finished on time!


  1. They are so cute! And such a lovely tradition for your kids :-)

  2. Those are so sweet! Very special for the kidlets too!

  3. I'm loving little houses !! !! !! Yours are so sweet

  4. Sooooo cute! What a great idea.

  5. They are great little houses and fun to make! what a great tradition you have and I love your ones - too cute! xx

  6. love it - these are gorgeous

  7. A really lovely idea.

    They'll treasure them as adults too.

    Fiona x


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