Friday, 28 December 2012

100 Day Hustle Round-up

Kelsey Sews
Phew! 100 days since I wrote my list? Are you serious? Where did the time go???

I guess its time to assess and see how I got on with my list.
  • Make a 12 inch block for Leonie in return for the beauty that she sent me- DONE!
(Sorry if you're sick of seeing photos of this butterfly!) Not only is the block completed, but the pattern is available to all who are interested.

  • Make stock for two markets in November - DONE!
Thankfully I already had a fair amount of stock, but both markets went off beautifully and there was no lack of stock.
  • Try out some EPP and make something really really cool - DONE!
I loved my first experience of English Paper Piecing and am already planning my next project.
Not only is this done, but the pattern is now available for free on my blog.
  • Finish the Tilda Quilt - DONE!

The next three projects were looking as if they weren't going to be done, but a late pre-Christmas boost meant that all three were finished in time for Christmas and I have two very happy children to show for it.
  • Make some Summer pyjamas for both of my children- DONE!
I haven't blogged about these yet, but the kids each found a pair of pyjamas under the tree on Christmas Eve.

I was going to use some cute and girlie fabric for Rascal but then I remembered that when my Lucy's Crab Shack fabric arrived her initial reaction was to ask "What are you going to make for me with it?" The girl's got good taste, so why contaminate it with cutesy pink?

Don't look too closely at Rascal's pyjama shorts though- the print on the shorts is upside down (oops!)

  • Make some Shorts for Scallywag- DONE!
He loves them and won't wear anything else these days!- I may have to make him some more...
  • Make a new dress for Rascal- DONE!
Rascal's new favourite dress. She loves that it twirls and she loves the little red riding hoods.
  • Make some oven gloves for us- DONE and in daily use!
  • Test the paper pieced patterns that I have designed (2 so far)- SORT OF!
When this goal was written, I was thinking of the pukeko block that I gave you a sneak peak of and the butterfly block. I haven't touched the Pukeko, but I have done some other blocks, so lets say it counts as a partial success.
  • Finish creating blocks for the sampler quilt and turn this into a quilt top.- FAIL!
Still about eight blocks to go until I have enough to make this top! I will have to get back to this project as its been on the backburners for far too long. I really am looking forward to seeing it complete.
  • Find the perfect backing fabric for the Sunshine quilt and turn it into a finished quilt.
 Complete fail- hasn't been touched for months- I MUST get moving on this again!!! I'm stuck with indecision as to what fabric to use for the backing. I don't even have the right fabrics to piece a back so I'm going to just have to get over myself, choose something and get on with it! There is no official deadline for this quilt, but I really do have to get it finished at least before my birthday in April!

Well that was it! I must admit that I'm a bit gobsmacked by just how much from my list I managed to achieve. All that now remains is to thank Kelsey for hosting.

Now its time to plan some fun new projects for 2013- I can't wait!


  1. Excellent list of Achievements! I'm sure the quilts will be done when it's their time! :)

  2. Well done! You managed a stack of projects in that time! Loving your paper pieced patterns too!

  3. I'm absolutely in love with your sampler quilt and your tilda quilt love love love
    and yeah for completing lists !! !!

  4. Wow, that's a LOT of great stuff done in so little time! Never mind the so-called fails. I second Leonie, they will be done when they want/need to be done. :)

  5. Wow! You really go a lot done! Love the PJs and the butterflies!

  6. That butterfly block is incredible! Nice work on your list! :)

  7. You definitely got a lot done. I just love the butterfly and kiwi blocks. I really should learn to paper piece...

  8. Such a great idea. And I am so in love with those PJs, I want to make some me-size! Well done you.

  9. Oh. My. Goodness. BUSY LADY!!! Where do you find the time! I really need to get some time management tips from both yourself and Deb! I really don't know how you all do it! Love all of the pieces, and dreaming of the day I wake up to find my self with an ounce of your talent!! But my natural ability with a sewing machine in nul!

    :) Hazel

  10. Beautiful things as always :)

  11. kiwi! :) they're all so pretty. good work!

  12. Great projects. I can't wait to see the sampler quilt finished.

  13. WOw, overwelmed by all the paper piecing you've done. You put me to shame I have never finished my EPP small quilt I started many years ago, I tacked on edges and made it my son's baby quilt! Took it apart and started hand quilting it and then freaked when I couldn't decide how to finish it. Its become an heirloom with old dresses of mine in, Laura Ashley hexagon kit (when they made those) and so the list goes on. The best part is somewhere there's a photo of my grandmother looking at it 6 months before she passed away.


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