Friday, 23 November 2012

Cherishing every tiny Imperfections

I said I'd finish before the end of the week and I did!

To be honest, I didn't really know what I was doing for much of this project (nothing new there eh!) and I probably broke lots of hexie and quilting rules. I also ran out of embroidery floss a couple of times during the quilting so I had to change to a different colour (oops!). But what I love the most about this project is its tiny imperfections...

The slightly uneven hand stitching...
The imperfect circle shape...
The "make it up as I go along" quilting.
The inconsistent colours of the quilting stitches
The heaviness and lumpiness of the shredded fabric filling that gives it a really old fashioned feel.

I love the character that these little touches bring to the project and wouldn't change them for anything! I don't know why but it seems right to me that an EPP cushion is firm and lumpy. Maybe its because it gives it a sort of old fashioned feel as if it is a cushion that your granny might have made. (That said, if it is too uncomfortable to use I MAY be tempted to unpick and re-stuff!).

Do you stress about achieving perfection in your sewing or do you cherish the imperfections?

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  1. I love it....I think the imperfections is what
    makes patchwork so charming :) I've also always wanted to use my little scraps for stuffing..did you use a combo or just the scraps....I can almost feel the weight of it, my mum still owns a few pillows like that :)

  2. I usually just throw those little scraps away. Perhaps I should consider starting a "stuffing bag" and save them. I love the idea of lower waste, anyway. I do wonder whether the lumps will make it uncomfortable as you mentioned ...

    Your hexies are great. This looks like a wonderful project to use up a few scraps.

  3. Love the hexies! I do stress about it being good enough, but then if it was always perfect, a machine could/would make it and it would be mass produced not something beautiful and unique!

  4. I'd say it depends on what project I'm working on wether I try to achieve something perfect or just something. But your pillow looks great, and I probably would not have found a single imperfection if you hadn't mentioned it!

  5. I think it looks great, imperfections and all. I think it adds character. on the other hand, I have trouble with being anal about my own work and wanting everything to be absolutely perfect, yet it never is. I always have to remind myself that no one sees all the little imperfections on my work like I do.

  6. It looks great. Congrats on the finish.

  7. I like imperfections, thats the only way I get things finished. Mind you if its not useable I would unpick a little, and restuff.

  8. I seemed to have missed this! It looks fantastic and those little things make them special i think! X


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