Thursday, 29 November 2012

A Dress for Rascal

Last year I made Rascal a new dress for Christmas. It was the first dress that I had ever made for her. I'm keen to make the new Mum-made Christmas dress into a bit of a tradition.

Now I must admit that my motivation for this project has been pretty low recently. I've just not been in the mood for sewing childrens clothes but on Sunday I was having a rough day (an allergic reaction had me itching from head to toe and on top of that my gorgeous children had passed me their lovely dry cough).

Instead of wallowing in self pity or grumbling at everyone,  I locked myself away in the sewing room, ignored the world at large and sewed. It was great! I don't think that I touched my unpicker all day (which is pretty unusual for me)! In the space of an afternoon I managed to finish this dress.

I've had the fabric to work with for a few months now, but I've been unsure exactly what to do with it.
Yes, you guessed it, more Aneela Hoey fabric- love it!
Then it suddenly occurred to me that I bought some shirring elastic a while ago and hadn't got round to playing with it- PERFECT!! Time to teach myself some new skills!

I taught myself how to shirr using this tutorial and then decided to sew this cute dress. Both sets of instructions are excellent, I can really recommend them!
Shirring detail
I let Rascal have a say in the choice of the fabrics (no, I wouldn't have chosen pink for the trim, but I must admit that it looks pretty cute so I was more than happy to let her have her way). She loves her new twirly dress and is especially pleased with the Little Red Riding Hood fabric. As for me, well I am really pleased with the finished dress too. The only thing that I think I would do differently next time is move the shoulder straps slightly further out (but that's nit picking, isn't it?!)

Sorry for the lack of photos of Rascal modelling her dress, but she's a tired girl today and even though she loves her dress, she couldn't be persuaded to model for me.


  1. It's so pretty! Love the fabric.

  2. cuteeeee, love the pattern of that dress, so lovely :*

  3. Wow! I'm well impressed with the dress AND the shirring....I've never dared go there.

    It looks lovely and I'm with the rascal on the pink.

    F x

  4. Adorable! Love the shirring and the fabrics you've chosen.

  5. You'll be hooked on shirring now, Juliet. Both the design and the fabric are GORGEOUS!!!

  6. Awww. That's just so sweet, and I love the shirring!

  7. Love it - very very cute! and I am a big fan of that fabric so am sold!

  8. Beautiful dress! Walk in the woods fabric line is my favorite!

  9. Love!!! This dress is so cute, that fabric is lovely and the shirring is a great touch....I used to be frightened of that technique...but now I've actually done it, I can see lots of projects in the future incorporating it :)

  10. I have just found you, thank you for linking to some great tutorials, I will be definitely returning to read more. Cute dress, I think the pink trim looks really nice. Great job.


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