Friday, 9 November 2012

100 day Hustle- Half term report

If I'm honest, I'm pretty impressed by the good progress that I'm making with my list for the 100 day hustle. That said, most of this progress was made last month... crafting these last few weeks has been severely limited due to sailing; a weekend away with the girls; starting my new job; a 4th birthday party and coping with two tired grumpy children who are still adjusting to their increased hours at preschool.

That said, here's a rundown on the progress that I've made:

The following projects are completed:

Make a 12 inch block for Leonie in return for the beauty that she sent me:
I love the butterfly block that I designed and made specially for Leonie and her daughter. I was thrilled to meet Leonie's daughter while I was up in Auckland the other weekend and to see how excited she is with her butterfly!

Definitely a great result and one I'm really proud of!
Make some oven gloves for us:
I love love love my new oven gloves!! they make me smile every time I use them.
Turn the first Kiwi Block into a cushion:
I not only accomplished this, but the Kiwi pattern is now available for free to anyone who would like to try it.
Finish the Tilda Quilt:
Done and hanging over the back of the sofa in our lounge. If I'm honest, this quilt is not really my style, but I find myself continually looking over and grinning when I see it. There's nothing quite like challenging your own taste and creating something that you love!

Work in Progress

Make stock for two markets in November.
Thankfully I have a fairly decent stock already, but here is a taster of the new stock that can be found at the stall that I will be sharing with Nin of Sailor Spy at the Rudolf Steiner School Spring Fair on Saturday. (The multi-coloured chevron oven glove is my absolute favourite!)

Try out some EPP and make something really really cool:
I have now pieced the hexies that you can see below and they are destined to become a round cushion. I love the process of sewing them and love the way it is coming together. Can't wait to get back to this project and finish it!

I may or may not be planning my next EPP project- eh Deb!

Make some Summer pyjamas for both of my children 
The shorts part of Scallywag's pyjamas have been sewn, I just need to do the top and then make a pair for Rascal. Sorry, but I'm feeling a bit lazy and can't be bothered to take a photo of the shorts so you'll have to take my word for it (hee hee!).

Finish creating blocks for the sampler quilt and turn this into a quilt top
Ummm... progress on this has been slow recently, I received two bee blocks in the post and have sewn one block myself... eight blocks to go and I THINK I'll have enough to make a top (yippee!)

Test the paper pieced patterns that I have designed
As mentioned above, the butterfly pattern was a success (I now need to work on the pattern to distribute it here on my blog- the pattern testers have been chosen I just need to get my act together!!!). The pukeko block is untouched (and looking unlikely to get done before Christmas).
Waiting patiently...

Not yet started:

Find the perfect backing fabric for the Sunshine quilt and turn it into a finished quilt:
I WILL get back to this project, I just don't quite know when... I want it finished!

Make some Shorts for Scallywag 
Fail! But in my defense its not quite shorts weather yet. I need to get back into a clothes making frame of mind, at the moment I just can't quite find the motivation for it.

Make a new dress for Rascal
The fabric has been bought, but I am in two minds as to whether a whole dress in the fabric would be too much or whether I should mix it with a solid- ah decisions decisions! I failed on the plan to make a dress for Rascal's birthday. Lets see if I can succeed in making a dress for her for Christmas!

I'm linking up with Kelsey Sews, pop, why not pop over and see what progress others have made on their lists:
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  1. Great completions !! !! !!
    I am still LOVING that butterfly

  2. Wow you have done well with the big Hustle! Really love the Tilda quilt, and of course the butterfly!

  3. If you don't sell the chevron glove then I'll buy it off you. I'm too lazy to make one for myself lol.
    Still love that butterfly block & think you should have sent it to me instead lol... ;)
    I hear you on the grumpy kids front. It's summer hours here so the sun is up promptly at 5am and we start from there. Fun times

  4. seriously you are one talented lady !!!! LOVE THAT BUTTERFLY!

  5. I'm impressed too! you have done so much already....goodluck with the fair :)

  6. Fantastic progress! And that butterfly is sitting at the top of the blocks for Anya's quilt - she still raves about how she met the special lady who made her special butterfly and today suggested she might have to help me with some sewing... Good luck for the market and i have no doubt you'll tick the other items in no time! xx

  7. You are an inspiration! Great job on your list.

  8. Wow, you make such beautiful things!

  9. I guess if you aren't sewing a weekend with the girls and some sailing is a good alternative :-)You have made a big dent in your hustle list - go you! Good lcuk for this next 50 days.

  10. Seriously so many pretty things!!! I LOVE those Kiwis and that oven glove is fabulous!

  11. Beautiful blocks and pretty fabrics!


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