Wednesday, 3 October 2012

WIP Wednesday- Tilda Quilt Progress

The Tilda Quilt has been sitting about unloved since the beginning of July, so I decided that it was finally time to pick it off the Work in Progress pile and do some more work on it.

The initial delay with the quilt was finding a suitable backing fabric, but when I found the perfect fabric at bargain price I was chuffed to bits.

Next I realised that I didn't have quite enough of the backing fabric. I knew that I was going to have to piece the back but then I was hit by a bout of stage fright. I wasn't sure how to do it and get everything to line up properly. I worried that I was going to ruin the pretty top with a shoddy back.

Luckily Elizabeth Hartman's free class on piecing Creative quilt backs available on Craftsy came to the rescue- It was meant to be!

I watched the course, learnt how to piece a quilt back properly and then promptly ignored all the quilting maths that I had just learnt (that's what you're supposed to do right?!?- no?!?- Ah well maybe that's just me!).

I decided to add a simple strip of squares using whatever scraps I had left over from the quilt top. I then spaced these randomly with white and placed white borders on either side.

I think it turned out quite well!

Now I've just got to baste, quilt and bind (Not sure what I'm going to use as binding though so I'm a bit scared that this will go back on the WIP pile while I agonise about that!) That said I REALLY do want to get this finished so I might just choose something and go for it!

I've also been playing with my hexies a wee bit more, trying to decide what to do with them. I've got a few ideas so far:
What do you think? Which is your favourite layout?
I think  I might add some navy blue for a bit more contrast and see how it turns out.
I must admit I'm really enjoying this somewhat organic project!


  1. I love your Tilda quilt! The back is just perfect!!

    I signed up for that Craftsy class but haven't watched it yet - I really should - it might encourage me to get a quilt finished!

  2. Awesome quilt and a great looking back! And hexes are awesome - glad you are loving them and I love all your arrangements but the 3rd one is my fav xx

  3. Ohhh I love your quilt back and really love the third hexie layout.... super cute!!!

  4. Lovely what you did to 'save' the backing! Thanks for linking up to w.i.p. Wednesday, where I'm having the pleasure of guest-hosting!

  5. Love the Tilda quilt! I am longing to start some hexies too, I like the third layout the best :)

  6. Love those hexies and I have just had a scroll down your blog to see how the sampler quilt is coming along - it's looking gooood!!

  7. I think you did great, thats a fab quilt back!

  8. That's going to look stunning ") and I love the look of the hexies.... can't decide on the first or second layout...

  9. Personally I'm all for the first layout, love where you're going with it xx


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