Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Tips on Making Oven Gloves

Thanks for all the kind comments and questions about my oven glove yesterday.

I made up my second oven glove today using a slightly different technique and thought I'd write up a wee post with a few of my ideas. Just to be clear- I am really pleased with my first oven glove, but as I as I am thinking of making up more of these as gifts I was keen to check a few details of the design and improve on other things if possible.

To Add Batting or Not?
The first glove that I made was using the Skip to my Lou tutorial. Each side of the glove consists of an inner fabric, a layer or insulbrite and an outer fabric. For the second glove I added a layer of batting. Each side of the glove consisted of an inner fabric, a layer of batting, a layer of insulbrite and an outer fabric.

The first glove was a lot easier to sew as there were fewer layers of fabric and it wasn't too bulky. I used a walking foot for both gloves but suspect that I could have got away with a normal sewing foot on the first glove.

The second glove definitely needed the walking foot on my machine. It was far more cumbersome to sew, but I must admit that I like the feel of the finished glove. It is slightly sturdier and more trustworthy.

In the name of research Rascal and I baked some Butterscotch Squares today (see the sacrifices that I make for you guys!) I can confirm that you will not burn yourself if you leave out the layer of batting, but you can feel more heat coming through.

I will definitely include the extra layer of batting when I make more oven gloves.

Finishing the seams
 The Skip to My Lou tutorial says to finish the inner seams by trimming with pinking shears. I felt that I wanted to neaten up the finished result, so tried covering the edges with bias binding. I love the neater finish that this gives. Is this essential?- No but its a nice touch.

The Position of the Hanging Hoop
I moved this for the second glove. I prefer it as it hangs better.

I hope that this helps any of you who are wanting to make oven gloves!
Good luck with your sewing.


  1. Great tips - can i say you are so ready for a new career!! ;-)

  2. Thanks for the tips! I just love your oven mitts. The LCS fabric is sooo cute! :)

  3. Nice tips on gloves. Thanks so much for taking the time to share them with us.

  4. Thankyou for the tips ") I would definitely go for the extra layer of batting as well.


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