Monday, 29 October 2012

Land Ahoy!

Last weekend, we got away from it all. 
No phones, no computers, no stress...
 Just family, friends, waves and amazing countryside.

We relaxed and learnt new skills.
We took a moment to value and cherish friendships.
(My children adore this gorgeous woman, and so do I. We relished spending time with her and her lovely family.)

 We soaked up the beauty, the sights and the smells of the Marlborough Sounds.
We smiled as the little folk learned together, marvelled together and made great memories.
It was a truly magical weekend and one which reminded me why we choose to live in New Zealand.
Its not the picturesque beauty of the landscape that makes this place home, but the warmth of the people who have welcomed us and become our friends.


  1. looks idyllic!
    And made me ever so little homesick. The sounds are so beautiful!

  2. Just beautiful! It is one place I hope to visit at some point.

  3. Just beautiful juliet - and its wonderful to make and have lovely friends who make you feel at home x

  4. great post - perfect sentiments xx

  5. Ah your really welcome, you guys are lots of fun to be around, I'm just sorry there weren't more fish :)
    You captured the beauty of the Sounds perfectly.

  6. Wow, what a beautiful place- so happy you got to get out in nature and have a good old fashioned re-charge. Looks like an idealic setting! Did you catch a fish?

  7. what stunning photo's and what a fabulous holiday :)

  8. Beautiful photos... and an awesome friendship! The kids look so cute in their life jackets :)


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