Wednesday, 12 September 2012

WIP Wednesday- Getting back into the Swing of things

Its taking me quite some time to get back into the rhythm of normal life and blogging after our trip to Europe. What with jet lagged children last week and then not really knowing where to start, I have been very slow to get behind my sewing machine again. There are things that I know that I SHOULD be sewing, but at the moment I can't quite summon up the motivation to start.

Its not for lack of fabrics. I have a whole pile of brand new fabrics smiling at me from the corner, but I don't want to fritter them away so I am putting off cutting into them until I have a plan... hmmm this could take some time!

In the meantime I thought I'd start with something fun that doesn't take much brain power. Something that is an excellent way to use up cute fabric scraps and something that was absolutely not on my must do list until about a few day ago!

You see I've signed up for a polaroid swap over at Quiet Play. Its so much fun going through my fabrics and dreaming up cute polaroid blocks. (incidentally, I think there are still some spots available in the swap, so if you're interested hop on over to flickr and sign up!)

In other news, I've got a fabric that will be perfect to back my Tilda quilt. I just need to work out how to piece a cute strip down the middle to make up for the fact that it is not quite wide enough... I really want to get on with this project even though it has no immediate deadline. I'll have to get my thinking cap on and see what I can come up with... I also want to try some fun free motion quilting on the big white areas of this quilt- its time to play!!!

Hopefully next week I'll have more progress to show you.

In the meantime I'm linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced.


  1. Yummy post full of gorgeous fabrics Juliet! :) Those little polaroids are TOO cute, Tilda is beautiful, and my son would die for the car print in the first pic. Glad you're all getting over the jet lag. :) xo

    1. The car print fabric is called "Next Stop London, in Sky" by Laurie Wishburn... its got my son's name written ALL OVER it!!!

  2. fun fun fun!starting new things is always more exciting than things one Should be doing :) cant wait to see all the outcomes! xx

  3. LOVE your new fabrics and WOW aren't those polaroid blocks the cutest
    I'm SLOWLY working through my PHD in sewing (projects half done)

  4. Loving your Polaroid blocks! They are looking so cute!!

    Good luck with the FMQ. There's so much amazing inspiration about!

  5. Love your Polaroids. Tempted to join in.

  6. Those are some beautiful fabrics, love the vintage vibe too them... and cute polaroids!

  7. Love the idea of those polaroid blocks.

  8. I hope that I get some of your cute snaps in the swap Juliet. You could link your post about new fabrics above to Sunday Stash on my blog to be in the running for a charm pack of Kate Spain's 'Serenade' if you want. It is open until Saturday night.

  9. Your Polaroid blocks are so cute! Love that pile of fabric up top. : )

  10. Lovely stash to ponder projects with - looking forward to that. Your blocks are cute - love that squirrel. :)


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