Tuesday, 25 September 2012

100 Day Hustle

Since returning from holiday I seem to be hopping from one project to another and hardly managing to finish anything- bad girl that I am! So I've decided that its time to get my act together and try to narrow down the things that NEED to be done and prioritise projects according to importance (not how much I want to do them)

As such, it seemed like a good idea to join in with the 100 Day Hustle.
Kelsey Sews
I intend to:
  • Make stock for two markets in November (thankfully I already have a fairly decent stock already- phew!)
  • Try out some EPP and make something really really cool (sounds vague I know, but I have faith that this wee project will find its way!)
  • Test the paper pieced patterns that I have designed (2 so far)
Here's a sneak peak of one of my designs (can you tell what it is?)

  • Finish the Tilda Quilt- I think I've got everything that I need, I've just got to get my act together and do it!
  • Finish creating blocks for the sampler quilt and turn this into a quilt top.
  • Make some Summer pyjamas for both of my children
  • Make some Shorts for Scallywag
  • Make a new dress for Rascal
Hmmm seeing all these childrens clothes projects, maybe I need to sign up for the KFWC again!

I'd like to (but who am I kidding)
  • Find the perfect backing fabric for the Sunshine quilt and turn it into a finished quilt.
  • Make some oven gloves for us (ours are seriously falling to bits) 
I'm sure that I've forgotten lots of things, so don't be surprised if lots of projects are added to the list along the way...

What are you intending to make over the next 100 days?

Oh and by the way, if you guys help me to win this fat quarter bundle in this challenge by repinning this pin, I PROMISE to make something from the fabric to giveaway on my blog- how's that for paying it forward :-)


  1. Haha, that's an awesome way to pay it forward!! I'll join you in that!! Here's my pin: http://pinterest.com/pin/272467846177178965/

  2. looks like an awesome list - will you be adding the advent swap to that list too?

  3. I'm not taking on 'many' new projects as I'm trying ever so trying to work through the half finished ones I have
    Well done you xxxx

  4. Pinned! Here is mine.. would you mind pinning it for me? ;) And thanks for turning me onto the 100 Day Hustle. Just in time! I just went back and added a to-do list to the post I just posted. WooHoo! Let's hustle. ;)

  5. Great list! There's always plenty to do isn't there!

    Gotta say - I made myself a new oven mitt a few months back and it really didn't take as long as I thought - and now I admire it every time I use it hehe!

  6. Yay go you! Looking forward to seeing how your progress goes! I have a few things I want to do but they are mostly Christmas related to there's my timeframe! Love your new design xx

  7. Ooh I need something like this... Just a bit too much pressure. Will follow your progress!

  8. Wonderful list! Love that bird :) Thanks for joining in!


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