Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday

Its been a while since I took part in Wardrobe Wednesday, so I thought it was time to join in again, this time with more than a touch of Mustard.

I'm quite pleased with this outfit, but can't quite decide which pair of boots I prefer with it. I like the shape of the black boots with a skirt, but the colour of the brown boots goes better with this outfit... hmmm. Which do you prefer?
Oops! Spot the photo taken with the self timer!
Outfit as follows:
Hair: All chopped off (YES! It needed to be done and I am now realising just how bogged down I felt by my long hair. Note to self: Go to the hairdresser more often!!)
Cardigan : Bought 12 years ago in Amsterdam
Top: Sailor Spy
Skirt: Eternal Creation in one of their amazing sales
Tights: Warehouse
Brown Boots: $2 from an Op Shop
Black boots: the Warehouse
My "Uh-oh what are Rascal and Scallywag up to" face!
I'll be back later today with my latest sewing- soooo cute! You'll love it- I promise!
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  1. This year it has all been about brown boots for me, havn't stepped into my black boots this winter. It's a yes for the brown boots from me, well toned with the mustard thights. Loving that paisley skirt!

  2. Brown Boots :) Your hair looks great! and your outfit too x

  3. Black boots!! And I love that soft baby blue with mustard - such an awesome colour combo!!

  4. I like the brown ones too! I love the print of that skirt as well. x

  5. Brown boots :) look great teamed with the tights!

  6. You look great. Re: the boots - I'm divided... I like the brown boots in terms of colour with the rest of the outfit, but the shape and style of the black boots are lovely with the skirt like you said. It's good to have options isn't it? Nice to see you joining in with WW :) Jenny

  7. Brown boots for sure. I love the mustard with the print of your skirt! $2 from an opshop - a girl after my own heart! I found you via WW too :)

  8. I just don't do short boots with skirts... to me, if you must, tone the tights with the boots, to at least give your legs some sort of chance of looking long. I, of course, have incredibly short legs - so any attempt to shorten them further results in a Snow White flashback. Perfect solution... long, brown, sleek boots to flatter an otherwise perfect outfit.

  9. I like the brown too - I like both the shape and the colour with your outfit and the skirt length. I think if the skirt was above the knee I would choose the black boots. Kleding en kleuren - echt mooi!

  10. I'm with the brown boots - they look great. I hear/hair you about the hairdresser it's been a LONG time since my tresses had any attention!


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