Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Tilda WIP Wednesday

A while ago I was fortunate enough to win a charm pack of Tilda fabric from Elisabeth of Sharks Dinner.

These beautiful fabrics have been lying in my sewing room for months now. Every now and then I take them out and stroke them, but without a clear idea what to make with them I just end up laying them back in my stash, scared that I'll waste them.

I must admit that a few bits and pieces from the charm pack have made their way into some of my bee blocks and in determination not to fritter away the rest of this beautiful fabric, I started playing trying to decide what to make.

I didn't have a pattern, I definitely didn't have a plan, but I am pretty pleased with what I have created so far.

I initially had grand ideas for a chevron type design or a modern strip type quilt with lots of white spaces, but in the end I decided that I really didn't want to cut these fabrics up too much. What is the point of having beautiful fabrics if you waste them by cutting them too small?

I added some smaller squares of Tilda fabric that the lovely Cat gave me for Christmas and quite a few extra fabrics for the outer border. Some of these extras were suggested by Roz at the Scrap-along, others are taken from my stash. I love how Roz challenged me to expand my thinking and include fabrics that I wouldn't have considered. I think that by adding these extra fabrics, this quilt became a bit more me.
The best photo I could get... its guy dreich here today!!!
There has been a fair amount of fudging involved in the sewing of this quilt top. I'm not sure if it was my maths, my measuring skills, my wonky sewing or a mixture of the three but alterations have been made as I've gone along. Its probably best not to check how square this quilt is! That said, I'm loving what I'm creating.

I'm not exactly sure what this quilt will be used for, or even who will get it (it won't surprise you if I tell you that Rascal, the resident quiltaholic, has got her eye on it!), but I'm actually enjoying making something which isn't my normal style.

I was originally planning on adding a final wide white border around the outside of the top, but now that I see it I'm tempted to leave it the size it is and just finish it off with a simple white binding.
What do you think? 
Is white binding a bad idea? 
Should I forget about binding all together and just bag it through and maybe edge with some ric rac detail? 
Hmmm decisions decisions- All ideas welcome...

I'm joining up with WIP Wednesday.


  1. Looking good!! In my professional opinion, as a mother - I cringe at the thought of white binding. However, the purpose of the quilt definately comes into things, if it was to be used more as an adult type of thing, there is nothing wrong with binding in white, if it was to be a kid kind of thing... I'd probably use a pattern, maybe a spot, and go with one of those lovely greens or reds in the fabrics.

  2. I adooooore these fabrics! Love the way the quilt has come together - clever you :)

  3. I think you should add another white border and then tilda-like binding. It's gorgeous!!

  4. I love this! It's so beautiful - love how the colours are laid out in the border.

    I'd leave off another border and finish it here. I think it would work without a binding just as well as with one. I'm debating using white binding on one of my quilts - I keep telling myself that's why we have Napisan after all!

    Just gorgeous!

  5. It's beautiful so fresh and vibrant. If you decide to add a white border just consider what quilting you would do in it because it would be a big expanse (happy to help if you like. Personally I think it can be finished off now, bagged out as you suggested and some of that large ric-rac put around the edge.

  6. Just gorgeous
    I'm with Leonie with another white binding and then Tilda like binding and I'm happy to pop some in the mail to you
    GORGEOUS quilt xxx

  7. That fabric is DELICIOUS! I think that no matter how you finish it off, it will look fabulous, but if it were me, I'd probably choose a complimentary fabric and just bind it off as is - I don't think I'd add the extra white border. Great job!!

  8. So cute... I would probaly end with a darker colored border e.g. pinkish or greenish or bluish just to frame the lighter fabrics a little.

  9. Beautiful colourful quilt! I'd also leave off the border and use a colour other than white for the binding.

  10. Love this! I would probably go with a darker binding, but it looks great whatever you decide!

  11. I think another white boarder and a patterned binding would be the perfect finish to this gorgeous quilt- it really is so pretty, just love it!

  12. It's just very the fabric. I wouldn't want to waste them either.

  13. You have some great ideas in the comments... I think it depends on size...if it is lap size already, go with binding a coloured binding... if not quite lap size (45" squared) go with another border like mentioned by Cat and Leonie. Though it could always be a wall hanging as is above your sewing area? Love the colours and the quilt its just up my alley! Beautiful :)

  14. i'd be inclined to pull a colour out of the quilt in the binding. Possibly the red or maybe a light aqua - it is amazing how much the binding can affect the colour balance in a quilt. It looks fantastic though - love!

  15. Hey, so glad you were able to use the fabric! I love the quilt you made and I think it will look gorgeous however you finish it off.
    If you don't know where to put it or who to give it to just send it to me ;-)

  16. Hello Juliet, your collage or quilt in orange & blue with gray background is really pretty and very interesting. Nice design!


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