Monday, 2 July 2012

Cup of Tea Anyone?!?

Its always difficult knowing what to send a complete stranger in a swap, but sometimes a bit of blog stalking can give you some hints. I had to laugh when I went to my English swap partner for the Pincushion swap's blog and found a post which started:

"My days here at Folly Bloom are fuelled by tea and lots of it.  It’s habit forming , it’s comforting, it’s warming and it’s classic UK behaviour and I love it."

As a tea drinker myself, it made me smile and gave me an idea for a theme for my swap package. You see a wee while ago the lovely Kristy of Quiet Play drew my attention to some fab, free paper pieced teacup and saucer patterns.

I couldn't think of anything more appropriate, so set to work making a couple of teacups. I then turned one into a pincushion and the other into a needlecase.

I must admit that after they were sent, I started worrying as to whether I should've chosen more subtle fabrics, but all in all I'm pretty pleased how well they turned out.

Throw in some teabags, chocolate and pretty pins and I reckon you've got a pretty cute wee swap package.
Teacup not included ;-)


  1. Ohhhh... tea cup cuteness. I made my mom a teacup quilt years ago with applique- but these are even cuter- just darling. Good work, and I think the fabrics are wonderful.

  2. What a gorgeous little package! I'm sure it will be very well received! I love your choice of fabrics!

  3. Oh your tea cups look so sweet! I bet your partner will love them!

  4. They look great - of course! Well done.

  5. Brilliant, the perfect swap!


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