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Woolbabe Sleeping Bags

In this family, we are firm believers in baby sleeping bags, so when The Sleepstore offered me the opportunity to review a Woolbabe Winter Weight Sleeping Bag, I jumped at it!

Not only do sleeping bags provide us with peace of mind that Scallywag hasn't kicked off all his blankets, but placing him in his sleeping bag is a really clear sleep cue. He knows that wherever he is, his sleeping bag signifies that its time to sleep and he loves it!

I have broken this review down into questions that I think might interest anybody wanting to buy a baby or toddler sleeping bag.

What is the Woolbabe winter weight sleeping bag made of?
The outer fabric is 30% merino and 70% cotton. The filling is quilted 100% wool and the lining is beautifully soft cotton.

Will it fit my child?
As Scallywag is a tall 18 month old, I asked if I could have a toddler size sleeping bag (for aged 2-4 years). The fit is good. There is LOTS of room for him to grow, but with poppers on the arm holes there is no chance of him slipping down inside the bag now.

I was so impressed by the large size of the bag that out of curiosity, I asked Rascal (our tall three and a half year old) to try it. To my slight surprise I discovered that it fitted her with plenty of room to spare. It is great to know that I have a sleeping bag which could be used by either of my children (and for quite some time to come), this is something which could be very handy when we are travelling.

Front vs Side Zip
Opinions are divided in the Tartankiwi household as to whether front opening or side opening sleeping bags for toddlers are the best.
Although I love side opening sleeping bags for babies, when it comes to toddlers, front zips get my vote. This preference is based on the following facts:
  1. When Rascal was a toddler, she worked out that she could easily undo the shoulder poppers on her side zip sleeping bag. She would wriggle out of her sleeping bag when she decided that her sleep was over. Once this happened, that was it! There was no hope of getting her back into her sleeping bag even if she was ridiculously tired and had only slept for 20 minutes. If she had still been in her sleeping bag there would have been a slightly bigger chance of persuading her to try and sleep a bit longer.
  2. Toddlers are wriggly! By the time that I have done up one of the shoulder poppers on a side opening bag, Scallywag has rolled over onto his stomach and is halfway to his feet. Zipping up a side opening bag when your toddler is standing is not easy. To get Scallywag into a front opening bag is easy. I let him stand in his cot and get his arms into the arm holes, then I start zipping and finally whip him off his feet fo finish the zip- simple!
 Mr Tartankiwi on the other hand prefers side opening sleeping bags. He feels that he has to force Scallywag's arms into the arm holes of a front opening bag and says that its harder to get him out of after his sleep.

I guess the moral of the story is think about your specific child's needs. Consider your changing requirements as your child grows and choose a bag that suits. I really didn't think I'd like the front zip as much as I do, so keep an open mind!

But doesn't the child end up with an uncomfortable zipper under their chin with a front zip sleeping bag?

No- you zip the bag downwards and the end of the zip is neatly hidden by the outer fabric of the bag.

Travel System
Virtually all of the baby and toddler sleeping bags that I have used in the past have a small slot in them which allows you to use them in buggies and car seats. It has allowed us to go out to friends for dinner with a small child. We would put our daughter down for a sleep in her portacot and then at the end of the night transfer her to the car seat and then her own cot with minimal disturbance- life saver!

I will admit that when I asked for a front opening sleeping bag, I assumed that I would be sacrificing the travel system. Not so! In fact, what I found was the best travel system that I have used.

You see with other sleeping bags it is often its a real struggle to fit the buckle through two slots in bulky fabric and get the prongs into the buckle slots when you have minimal visibility and space. With the Woolbabe you only have to get the buckle through the back slot of the sleeping bag, then using the double zippers you can give yourself enough the room and visibility to do up the buckle before zipping everything up again.

A further bonus is that you don't have to worry about your child sticking their foot through the slot during the night and getting a cold foot as the only slot is on the back and is well protected.

Yes, Yes, this is all good, but is it warm?
Even on cold snowy Canterbury nights, Scallywag has slept soundly right through the night in his woolbabe sleeping bag so I guess the answer is YES! When I open the sleeping bag in the morning I can feel how warm and snuggly it is (I ALMOST feel guilty taking him out!)

In Conclusions:
The woolbabe winter weight sleeping bag is a generous size and keeps my boy beautifully warm and snuggly. It has an easy to use travel system and the front zip is convenient to use on a wriggly, active little boy.

The links in this blog post all take you to the New Zealand Sleepstore website, but Australians can buy direct from the Sleepstore's Australian website.

The Sleepstore provided me with a woolbabe winter weight toddler sleeping bag for the purposes of this review, but all opinions stated are my own.


  1. Great review - sleeping bags for wriggly babies are such an awesome invention!

  2. That looks much easier for traveling without that large hole in the front which seems in our household always contains a foot that found its way out!

  3. Your review is almost as if I had written it, including being converted to the delights of the front zip for toddlers! I love my duvet woolbabe for my 21 month old. He is average height and still fitting easily in the 3-24 month size. I have lots of bags and this is easily the warmest. Great product.



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