Wednesday, 6 June 2012

WIP Wednesday- The Sunshine Quilt

Being ALMOST through my list of things that HAVE to be sewn, I decided that I could afford myself the luxury of starting on a fun project that I have been looking forward to for months.
You see, back in April, I was given some gorgeous fabric and a quilt pattern for my birthday. The fabric was from three friends and without knowing it, they gave me enough coordinated fabric to make a quilt. I have been jealously coveting these fabrics and looking forward to the day when I could finally piece my first ever full sized quilt.

The pattern is called Everyday quilt and it is written by my friend Deb.

Deb is on the verge of opening her own online shop. The shop will sell her quilt patterns and vintage fabrics. If that sounds like your cup of tea then why not join the Fabrichicks facebook page and keep up to date with the shops progress. Until the shop opens, you can drool over the gorgeous photos of her fabrics that she has been taunting us all with!

Oh and while I'm singing Deb's praises, you should pour yourself a cup of tea and head over to her blog. Reading her blog is like being invited into her family. Its honest, its warm and it'll bring a tear to your eye every now and then, but not to worry, when that happens she will wrap you in the most amazing quilts- she has such a great eye for fabric and colour!
Sunday was the day when I could finally start on my quilt. 
I cut, arranged and pieced the top in an afternoon. 
It was lots of fun. 
I was initially going to call the quilt the birthday quilt, but having seen it pieced I reckon that the Sunshine Quilt is more appropriate- don't you!?.
I will admit that in the end, I switched out two of the fabrics that I was given and replaced them with fabrics from my stash. I'm glad that I did. The substituted fabrics are more cheerful and fun than the brownish fabrics that they replaced.
Mr Tartankiwi reckons that the quilt is too yellow, but I love the bright cheerful colours. 
It makes me smile every time that I look at it. 
What are the bets that Rascal ends up stealing the quilt, she's definitely got her eye on it already!

Does anyone have any advice how to quilt this beauty? Any and all suggestions gratefully received as I'm a bit scared about the quilting stage, but I think I want to try to do it myself!

In other news, I've finished my bee blocks- Yay!
I really enjoyed making these final three blocks and have to admit that they are my favourites.

I kept it simple for this block and chose pretty fabrics that I knew the recipient would love.
I had fun with the next block and really hope that the recipient likes it. My favourite bit is the alternating solid red and green border. I love the way that it adds drama to the block but doesn't make it fussy.

The final block was one of those blocks that I had severe doubts about when I started. As I worked on it, I grew to love it, then I had doubts again, but in the end I think I love it!

Just look at all those frog princes waiting on a princess to kiss!

Here are my completed Bee Blocks for the 3 x 6 Modern Sampler Bee- which is your favourite?:
Debra, Nin, Cat, Kelli, Leonie, Sharon
My bee block for myself can be found here and the lone starburst pattern can be found here

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New Projects:
The sunshine quilt

Works in Progress:
Grey, Aqua and Tangerine Sampler Quilt- untouched

Modern Sampler Bee Blocks


  1. I adore the sunshine quilt... and in response to your Mr... can a quilt ever be to yellow? I don't think so! I think a simple large scale stipple would be great on this quilt- and as you are keeping it and it is already special to you it would be a great first FMQ attempt. My favorite bee block is the green and red, though I love them all.

  2. Well done on your first full size quilt! I think it's gorgeous and bright and cheerful! All the things you want a quilt to be :) I'm no help on the quilting - that part makes me nervous and I tend to err on the conservative side (i.e. lots of diagonal straight line quilting!).

    Your bee blocks look so fantastic! Hard to pick a favourite but my eye keeps going back to that lovely pink and blue one. Beautiful!

  3. Hooray! I love the sunshine Quilt!!!! It's so sunny and friendly looking. Are you going to top stitch it? You see lady I am really getting into the swing of quilting things since I did the class. I willl post some of my efforts soon, now that I know how to photograph it, on the clothesline of course (you cleverthing). xx

  4. Well done. it looks great and I agree such happy colours. Your quilting is so good. I have Oh Frasson's (blog) book and she had some great tips for quilting so I imagine they are also on her blog. I would start there. x

  5. I love it, I love it, I love it all!!! x

  6. First, my favorite bee block is the red and green one. It is just stunning and really pops. Don't get me wrong- I LOVE the others as well! : ) I love your sunshine quilt. It is so happy and cheerful, and it includes one of my all-time favorite fabrics- the yellow and black bird print. So pretty!

  7. That's definitely a sunshiney quilt!

    I love that red and green star. I'll have to try that border trick when I get confident enough to try things that aren't squares and rectangles!

  8. wow, you have been busy!! i disagree with mr tartankiwi, i think bright & sunny is what everyone needs :) especially on those gloomy days when you don't want to get out of bed :)
    loving the bee blocks. which is my favourite?? probably all of them!!

  9. Love the quilt. That fox and hedgehog fabric is a adorable. Your bee blocks are all so unique - impossible to pick a favourite.

  10. I love all of them but the pink and yellow is my favorite!

  11. Oooo- more pretty stars- love them! Meanwhile - how fun to have just enough fabric to make a quilt that you totally love. :)

  12. How fun! Love the apple one!

  13. i have been a longtime reader of Deb's blog and it is hands down one of my very favorites. she is so talented and down to earth! that being said...this pattern is so sweet and the colors are so bright and fun and well, cheerful. you did such a great job. those stars you shared are pretty stunning!!!

  14. great quilt.....blocks; i like the one with the red in it.

  15. Love the star blocks and the Sunshine quilt is so pretty.

  16. The bee blocks are beautiful - and great fabrics on your first full size quilt! I'm in the process of making my first big quilt too - just kind of learning as I go along! Looking forward to seeing how you finish yours!! :)

  17. Good job on the sunshine quilt!
    For the Bee Blocks....I like the pink/green/yellow/black one!

  18. I LOVE that pattern you are using for your bee blocks. Thank you thank you for including the link on where to find it!! I really like the alternating red/green border too. Very striking.

  19. Very sunshiney indeed. just think how cheerful this will be on dreary dull days. Your star blocks are gorgeous, Juliet. The red and green one is my fav.

  20. Its a gorgeous quilt. I dont like yellow much as a colour, but this quilt I love, it is so happy and sun-shiney.

  21. i love your cheery quilt. the birdy fabric is a fave of mine...i have some in pink.

  22. Those 3x6 blocks are just gorgeous! I love that pattern. And your Everyday quilt is so sunny and cheerful! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

  23. Love the quilt top! So simple yet so striking :) Also I love the bee blocks you have made, each one is lovely - but my fav is still Kellies one, love the rainbow of colours


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