Monday, 21 May 2012

Wonderful Wanaka!

Did you miss me?

Sorry that I didn't reply to any blog comments or emails last week, but I had a very good excuse... 

I sneaked off on holiday!

We had a much needed family holiday to Wanaka and it was GREAT! 

There was something about the beauty of Autumn colours that seemed magnified by the lake and the clear mountain air. It reminded me what a stunning country we have chosen to live in and that we need to grab every opportunity to take advantage.
We soaked in the sights, the smells, the wildlife, the lake and the mountains. Some days were beautiful and clear.

 Others were atmospheric with the clouds hanging low over the mountains and shrouding the tops in mystery. On these days the lake turned an amazing steely grey colour.

We discovered that Wanaka has some amazing playgrounds and we had lots of trouble dragging both Rascal and Scallywag away from the impressive dinosaur slide. We regularly fed the ducks and went on some amazing and varied walks.

We were mystified by the joys of the hall of illusions at Puzzling World.
Wait a minute... has Rascal shrunk or have I grown???
Mr Tartankiwi did his best to teach Rascal to skim stones (I think he would've had more success trying to teach Scallyway- that boy has quite a throwing arm!)
We enjoyed the simple pleasures- like jumping in puddles!

Something that I vividly remember from family holidays when I was young is family card and board game tournaments.

Mr Tartankiwi and I introduced Rascal to her first board game while we were in Wanaka. We played The Royal Game of Goose, using a board which was mine when I was a small child. Its so great being able to share the same game with Rascal and to have her ask to play time and time again...

The weather was kind to us and although there were a couple of bitterly cold days, we had no rain and our days were predominately filled with sunshine.

The most important thing about the holiday was that we had quality relaxed family time. Enjoying each others company and laughing together- lots! Just the way that a holiday should be.
(If you ask me!)

So what have you been up to while I've been away? Have I missed anything?


  1. Oh, you can't beat Wanaka in autumn! Sounds like you had a wonderful time :)

  2. so glad you got outdoors and had some time to take in the fresh air and scenery- there is nothing better for the soul then that- you were missed- but there is nothing more important then family time and even better when it is mixed with nature- so good on you!

  3. GORGEOUS Photos!! I have such happy memories of time spent around Lake Wanaka when I was travelling - it really is a stunning little corner of the World!
    Sounds like you had a brilliant family holiday there!!
    Welcome back!

  4. Oh Wanaka is awesome and just beautiful. Sounds and looks like a wonderful time. Go the boardgames - our children love them too! Yay for well deserved relaxing family holidays and special memories x

  5. I love Wanaka! And loved playing around in Puzzling World too! We just love the south island, lock, stock and barrel I think...

  6. Awesome photos :) Looks like a magical place... one that I am yet to explore! One to add to my list.

  7. Stunning photos!!! One day I'll get back to your little corner of the world. My visit was way too short, but I loved every minute of it!!!

  8. sound wonderful, thanks for sharing the photo, some stunning country.

  9. Hey there again... check this out

    Just gave you a bloggy award cause your bloggy always is a joy to read!

  10. we also played the goose game growing up! wow, thanks for bringing back the memory :)
    and your photos look stunning, postcard quality!

  11. Sounds like a lovely holiday and your photos are gorgeous!


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