Monday, 14 May 2012

Sewing Space

I must admit that in the past I've been a wee bit jealous of crafty bloggers who write about their sewing room.

You see, my sewing equipment was spread around the house.

... my sewing machine in one room
... the ironing board and my cutting mat in another room
... and fabric was spread between these two rooms and could be found in other random corners of the house.

The net effect was a messy house and a mad scramble to tidy if we knew anyone was coming round.

BUT all that has changed. We've done some painting, rearranged some furniture and now our study has been transformed into a sewing room (with a small corner for Mr Tartankiwi's PC).


I am finding that one of the advantage of this set up is that if Rascal wakes up from her midday sleep when I am right at that point where I just want to press on and finish (which is usually the case), I can set her up with some colouring or her beads at the end of the table and she happily joins me while I finish my sewing- a great bonus to the new set up!

I'm in the process of filling a beautiful old secretaire that I inherited from my Grandma with fabric. Deep down, I know that the secretaire is in need of a revamp, its a bit tired and worse for wear, but I just can't bring myself to change my Grandma's desk.
In the top drawer I'm trialling a system of sorting my small scraps by type and colour- not sure if its going to work, but I'll give it a go.
The middle drawer houses larger scraps and fat quarters of quilting fabric
The bottom drawer holds felt and heavier weight fabrics for bags and clothes (this drawer is already so full that it is pretty difficult to close- oops!)

I'm not showing you the wardrobe- far too messy at the moment, but we are slowly making progress organising the mess.
I TOLD you that poor Mr Tartankiwi only gets a small corner. I promise that he will get a proper desk one of these days that will be (a little bit) bigger! At least I was nice and let him have the comfier chair!

So there we have it. We still have a long way to go, but at least we're making progress. We need to rehang the curtains (ideally I'd like new curtains to replace the ugly brown ones that were here when we moved in, but I'm not sure I can persuade Mr Tartankiwi). I reckon that the boring black chairs are sorely in need of a recover and the walls are extremely bare. All that is going to change... sometime!

Watch this space, I'll keep you posted...


  1. Yay for sewing spaces! I use our 3rd bedroom as my sewing room and it's much bigger than our old place so there's room for Riley to have his own craft area too.

  2. Yay exciting! and quite jealous you have a space now!! my machine lives in our wardrobe, fabric in a wheelie bin/tub/box in another wardrobe and anytime I do anything the whole lot comes out onto the dining table after first clearing some room... and then it all has to go back every other day for visits and tidying!! Go dedicated spaces!!!

  3. You'll love the space. I got my own sewing room last year, and have been so much more productive because I don't have to put anything away and can easily pop in and out to do little bits when I have down time during the day. Still a challenge to keep tidy though. I like your fabric drawers. Happy sewing. Cx

  4. YAY! You are going to be SO productive!!

    Another idea for the bulk fabrics would be to get a linen / sweater organiser for that wardrobe

    They look like this:

    Then you can stack them together on top of each other out of sight! :)

    Love that the Mr has a small desk and huge chair! :)


  5. Yay for man-and-wife caves! My hubby has slowly but surely taken over my sewing space, but thats just because I have been a bit lazy lately.

  6. Very tidy! I love how organised the drawers are. My stuff is all over the place making crafting not so enjoyable but it'll do for now.

    When I was a baby my Mum bought a Rimu chest of drawers to do up, 34 years later they are in their original state and home to Mr5's clothes - they're not in bad condition so I'm glad she didn't get around to changing the handles etc.

  7. Wooo hooo! Yay for a sewing/computer space all in one place! :)
    I've done the whole graduation... dining table, old table in corner of lounge, sewing set up in corner of lounge, full room all to myself. So I know how lucky I am to have the space I have; it's such a blessing to be able to leave things out isn't it. xxx

  8. Yay for a sewing room! Looks great! Loving that secretaire!

  9. You are super-productive anyway, your going to be a blur now you have this room all set up! The desk is gorgeous. I need curtains too, and i've heard theyre easy to make, so i'm going to have a go, maybe you could too?

  10. Yay - lucky you! I'm dreaming of the day I move out of my small flat and have space for a craft room ;)

  11. How special to have the secretaire from your Grandma!!! Enjoy your new room...

  12. Whoo Hoo!!!! SO excited for you. Hooray for a special sewing space just imagine what you're going to achieve now!

  13. so fab, well done on all that organizing!

  14. Jealous! I would love this one day, but we are filled to the brim too much at the moment. And I am missing my bureau that my nana passed to down to me... infact its the spitting image, except darker wood...also in need of repair, but I can't bring myself to change it either, so I totally understand.... can't wait till Mike brings it up... I will squeeze it in no matter what!


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